I don't have any Buddy Miller stuff, but I really wanna buy some. All is fair game, from any era. What is your favorite album the he has done? It's probably pretty obvious, but I'm looking for the best quality songs (I was thinking about Cruel Moon). It doesn't necessarily have to be just him, it can be with his wife, or other collaborators too (ie, Majestic Strings, Jim Lauderdale, etc.). I figured this would be the best place to find out where I should start!



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I don't have many but my favourite is this one, contains the absolute classic "Wide River To Cross".

Well, my favorite Buddy Miller album is ...

Spyboy by Emmylou Harris (live 1998).

  Absolutely, the best!  Spyboy is one of the all time best!

The first time I heard of Buddy Miller was in 1998. At 1st Ave. MPLS, MN  I went to see Steve Earle. The tickets said the V-roys were opening, but for some reason it was Buddy & Julie Miller. I found this out a couple days before the show and I was bumed out because I really wanted to see the v-roys.  I picked up a Buddy Miller CD, (YOUR LOVE AND OTHER LIES) and I thought how come I've never heard of this guy? He Great! I could not wait for the show and what a show it was. I've been a Buddy Miller fan ever since.  To top it all off, after the show I seen Buddy up by the stage by himself and I got him to sign my cd. As he was heading out I seen some people try to get autographs and I heard him say not tonite and he left threw the front door. So I felt pretty lucky. I'm still kind of bumed I didn't ever get to see the v-roys, but I'd say it was worth it.  My favorite cds are,  Poison Love  and (Buddy Miller and The Sacred Cows - Man On The Moon)   And all the rest of his music.

That's awesome, thanks! 

I guess there's no clear winner right now, with three different posts of three different records, I guess he's really good! :)

The first Buddy and Julie album (from 2001) is indispensable. It's a perfect balance of emotionally weighted songs and lighter music with an edge, all with Buddy's hand-crafted sound.

Also Julie Miller's fantastic solo album "Broken Things", which was actually a Buddy and Julie album, really.

"That's How I Got To Memphis"


Also, his work on Patty Griffin's Downtown Church.

The best Buddy Miller guitar work is either on the Robert Plant Band of Joy disc, or, more likely, the  Emmylou Harris live album "Spyboy", which is absolutely stellar and his guitar playing is totally at its best.  Spyboy was the name of the live album but more important it was a legendary backing band for Emmylou which was one of the most eclectic, musically proficient, virtuous recordings of any of its participants carreers.  The Neville Brothers' rhythm section with Buddy Miller under the guidance of Daniel Lanois and the essence of Emmylou, it is among the greatest music ever made!   I would give anything to see and hear THAT band again someday.  Plus the great songs she sings from that era, with songwriters like Daniel Lanois, Julie Miller and Neil Young along with her old classics done with that swampy, bluesy, eerie, twangy ethereal cascading guitars. Any time one is able to see the man perform live in person is to hear the guitar of the Gods!!!!!

I can't download it can I? (I know that's probably blasphemy round here...) Or vinyl???

It's not blasphemy at all, as long as you pay for it ! 

Go for it my man !



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