Doesn't have to be a great revelation. Doesn't have to change the year in music. Could be old. Could be new. Just has to do it for this week. So what is doing it for you this week?

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Kevin Montgomery - Some Comfort

Sorry, but I have to say that thatvideo is atrocious, and I couldn't get through the song. It ranks as one of the cheesiest music videos I have ever seen. 

     I have been listening to great young Texas country singer Todd Fritsch and his awesome record "Up Here In The Saddle". Some real good quality country, that should be on the radio.

Just downloaded my pre-order of Jerry Douglas' Traveler.  Simply awesome. 

The cover of Simon and Garfunkel's 'Boxer' with Mumford singing is priceless.

I got Jerry's new one this morning too. It's great. Check out Jerry dueling with Eric Clapton!


Little Feat, my all-time fave band, also released a new one this A.M. It's their first in quite awhile. Dig it!

Ah, new Little Feat.  Great band. I might go see them in July.

Moment of silence for Lowell George.

I was in NYC the night Lowell died there, 1979. My wife took the daughters for a walk so that I could grieve in peace. The Rock & Roll Doctor.

Speaking of Jerry Douglas.  If you haven't already done so, do a youtube search for he and Chris Thile.  Two greats together, incredible.

Have that in my e-music save list.  A  Mumford presence may put me off; but will be open minded until I've heard it.

It's kinda different hearing them doing Simon and Garfunkel.  Nothing's as good as the original, for sure.

Product Details

Ashes by Michael McDermott. New to me. Looking forward to getting a few more of his albums.

Not really an album, but instead six songs from Willie Dick that are available for free from his website.

The songs are pretty challenging, but in my opinion rewarding to.

If Hasil Adkins and Frank Zappy worked together on an album produced by The Butthole Surfers then the sessions could sound a lot like what Willie Dick is doing.

I'm heading through to Glasgow tomorrow to grab lunch with him and try and do an interview.

It's going to be interesting to say the least.



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