Doesn't have to be a great revelation. Doesn't have to change the year in music. Could be old. Could be new. Just has to do it for this week. So what is doing it for you this week?

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Here's a few newer ones I have been listening to lately:

'Closer To The Bone'-----Kris Kristofferson

'Use Me'-------------------David Bromberg

'Kin'------------------------Rodney Crowell/Mary Karr

'The Wilderness'----------Cowboy Junkies

'Ghost On The Canvas'---Glen Campbell

Alejandro Escovedo -- "Big Station" -- fun, poignant, rich storytelling, rockin'...

I'm just finished listening to it for the first time.

Have to say I'm impressed straight off the bat.

Gene Clark - NO OTHER,.

A strange work of genius and beauty.

brilliant album...just love Gene's


Kin by Rodney Crowell and Mary Karr. Been playing this all week in anticipation of the show I saw last night at Freight and Salvage in Berkeley. Phenomenal show-Steuart Smith's guitar playing was wonderful and majestic. This album is a definite contender for album of the year, or top ten at least. If you like female country singers-this is the album for you-Norah Jones, Lucinda, Roseanne, Emmy Lou, Lee Ann-each does a song and they are all great-just a fabulous CD.

For those of you from my generation (to be from "my generation" you need to have heard The Who, on AM radio, singing My Generation in the mid-60's) check out Great Gypsy Soul by Tommy Bolin and others. Others include Warren Haynes, Nils Cline, John Scofield, Derek Trucks, Peter Framption, Steve Lukather and a few more. I was surprised how much I dig this one. It's a tribute to Tommy - they took his original recordings and added guitar and vocals.  Give it a listen.

Ready to shoot someone. Okay maybe not literally. Been trying for the Ryan set for 1/2 hour now and have to go back to work. I'm the boss so I can stay longer but I do need to get back to work! Why didn't they (Pax-Am) think this through better? Why wont the who knows how many people give up and stop trying to get on! Why must they be as stubborn as me!? Anyone else try to get through? In that case - stop! Go away! :)

Stina, I know you are a self-proclaimed nerd but 130 skins is a lot for the box set and then it weighs 13 pounds and you have to ship it to Canada! God bless you for your passion for Ryan's music. As for me, I'll be sitting this one out.

Yeah but when you look at the fact itunes charges $1 - $1.30 (or whatever it is at the high end) PER song and you don't get to hold anything physically in your hand... So for more than 200 songs - the majority of which are in a physical form of which you'll always have... $130 is cheap. It'll be around $40 to ship it to Canada - I checked on Canada Post. So, yeah, not great considering I'm getting my front brakes redone after just have the pads and shoes of my back brakes done... There's also talk that one of my front wheel bearings will have to be fixed... HOWEVER, I'd rather buy it now knowing that it'll likely double or triple in value on ebay knowing the greedy bast... er... nonfans who snap up Ryan's stuff and resell it. Can't believe what some of the 7" singles go for (the original pax am releases). One I bought for $5 regularly sells for $50 and occasionally more. If I'd know I'da bought more and stored them away. Ryan Adams stuff is like the Fretboard Journal of the music industry. It usually only goes UP in value. Hence why I have two sets of the recent The Shit albums on cassette.... Store them in the back of my closet in a safe box.... They were only $8 each or something like that... Ryan's pretty good. He should know his fans would pay way more than he charges for his stuff but he never really rips us off. I think it's cute what he said yesterday about having no idea that would happen. Something about expecting only 32 people and the one angry dude that kept sending him tweets to show up. Slightly miscalculating there. I think they expected a couple of hundred people at the one time and kinda got stunned.


All the sites were bombarded and shut down! Not even one got purchased. Now on sale again on Monday. Hopefully I wont be facing that same hell!


So yeah... I am a nerd! ;)

Dear Ryan Adams fans, we apologize for the technical problems with the sale of Live After Deaf. The sale will be postponed until Monday, 4pm est. We will work with our hosting company over the weekend to ensure the problems are rectified well before then. We realize that a great deal of time was wasted by people clicking refresh for hours, and we were right there with you clicking refresh and pulling out our hair. We accept full responsibility for these problems and we ask for your understanding as we promise to make Monday a much better experience. Please see for full details.



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