Doesn't have to be a great revelation. Doesn't have to change the year in music. Could be old. Could be new. Just has to do it for this week. So what is doing it for you this week?

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There's so much music easily available nowadays that it's easy to be bombarded. The old argument of quality versus quantity. Couldent agree more with your point, have revisited so many albums that seemed ok on first few listens and ended up loving them when I in vested more time listening to them second time around. I was exposed to albums at a very early age playing at home by family members.Hendrix,Cream, Kinks,Beatles, Stones,Rory Gallagher, Van Morrison etc.etc. When an album came into the house it was played to death generally because we only got probably one a month. No wonder that many of thoe albums remain favourites of mine and I know every lyric on them!

Downloading individual tracks says a lot about our lifestyles and the pace we operate at (in Ireland anyway)nowadays....everything must be instant and if doesent have instant appeal..bin it.

Get drawn into it myself, can't get enough music, always an eye out for new artists, acquire far too much music....have to remind myself from time to time to slow down and try and catch up with the stack of albums that have been listened to no more than once! I have actually not got any new albums in a month, in an attempt to play catch up,which is like cold turkey to me!

Have revisited two gems from last year that would have been in my top ten had I invested enough time in them - Bill Calahan's 'Apocolypse' and AA Bondy's 'Believers'.

Your comment on Astral Weeks says it all. Now where's that copy of Captain Beefheart 'Trout Mask Replica' !   Rant over.




Thanks Declan and , bang on topic, you've reminded me that i have actually got the AA Bondy album and only played it about 3 times. I intend to remedy that this weekend !

Try and listen to it and nothing else for a day or two. Bet like me you'll fail to only play one album !

Must post a Alco Anom type topic...12 steps  programme to avoid buying too much music!


Hi. I'm Joe and I'm powerless....

BTW....I bought the AA Bondy record....consumed it and now whistle the melodies while walking the dog. A bit of a departure lyrically...but a great sounding record.

The Lumineers - S/T:  Good foot stompin' fun!

Chuck Ragan's 'Covering Ground'

Stewboss 'Pilgrims & Runaways'

THE REVEREND PEYTON’S BIG DAMN BAND - the last 3 albums are Americana blues at their best!

Today I cleaned up the piles of burnt cds I'm sorrounded by. Among others I found a fantastic Louris/Olson show from Chicago march 12, 2005 I'm listening to right now. Most of the songs are attended by a nice fiddle. Awesome.

Been hooked on Lucero's "Women and Work" for a few weeks now.

Just bought Justin Townes Earle's "Nothing's Gonna Change the Way You Feel About Me Now" last night. Loving it so far.

I've been really diggin on 'Velocity' by the Villains.  Their first record was pretty good, but this one is out of the park. Some rock ,some country, even some bluegrass. 

This week, I've really grokked:

Ray Wylie Hubbard: The Grifter's Hymnal.  Different than, but just as gritty and wise as his last album, A)Enlightenment ... 

Todd Snider: Agnostic Hymns and Stoner Fables: Not quite as catchy as his previous albums of new material, but still funny.  Very solid.

Andrew Bird: Break It Yourself.  A gorgeous, heartfelt album.



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