Doesn't have to be a great revelation. Doesn't have to change the year in music. Could be old. Could be new. Just has to do it for this week. So what is doing it for you this week?

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Listening to John Prine "Fair & Square" from 2005. What a fine record!

Great lyrics on that album:-

'Come on baby, give me a kiss that will last all week' (Long Monday)


'I felt as welcome as a Wall Mart Superstore ' ( Takin' A  Walk)

Super album, must dig it our for a re-visit

Speaker time this week for:

Lambchop - Mr M

Simone Felice - Simone Felice

I See Hawks in LA - New Kind of Lonely

Rachel Harrington & The Knock Outs

Plus Gretchen Peters'  Hello Cruel World is getting its fair fair share.

the new James Maddock single "My Old Neighborhood"  ( see comments) p.s. getchen peters was in studio guest w/ john platt on WFUV-NYC this am..loved her collaboration w/ rodney crowell ("Dark Angel" on hello cruel world)..and he performed her marriage vows, too!

Jim White's new one, Where It Hits You, is very good. I've only listened to it once so far, but I'm already thinking it's his best since Wrong-Eyted Jesus.

We have been liking Lyle Lovett's "Release Me" this weekend.

We brought out an oldie but probably not americana, Holly Cole Trio "Temptation". Excellent jazz covers of Tom Waits songs.


Listening to the stream of Springsteen's new album. Liking it very much so far. He rocks quite the accent on the one "Irish" song! :P Didn't quite believe the one review I read on that! A couple of the songs aren't quite what I normally like but my foot is just a tapping. If the rest of the album is as likeable to me, I'll be buying it right off. Been a big fan of his for years - grew up listening to repeated playings (by my father) of "Born in the USA". I still count "Born in the USA" as one of my top 3 albums of all time. (Alongside U2 and Ryan Adams) Really great to see him triumphant. My favourite so far is "Jack of All Trades"

Is it just me or does Springsteen's "Death to My Hometown" sound an awful lot like another song? Can't place which song but it sounds really familiar. U2 maybe? Maybe I'm imagining things.

Pogues and Steve Earle?  I'm on the fence on buying this one after streaming it. Not to mention I just saw the BestBuy ad and the disc is one sale for $9.99 or the deluxe edition for $12.99 (which includes two bonus tracks for the extra $3). C'mon Bruce but the damn songs on the disc and release it.  I hate the deluxe edition bullshit. 

Discovered a really tasteful folkie out of Duluth, MN over the weekend by the name of Sara Thomsen. Looks like her last album was in 2008 but she is out there performing and doing community singing projects. 

Bought Richard Thompson boxset "Walking on a Wire" last week & can't quit listening.  I wasn't too familiar with his work before & while I generally don't like "greatest hits" type albums I felt this was the best place to start & I can see more RT music in my future.

One of my favorites by him...and "Pour Down Like Silver"



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