Doesn't have to be a great revelation. Doesn't have to change the year in music. Could be old. Could be new. Just has to do it for this week. So what is doing it for you this week?

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Where did you find the Sketches For Portraits?  Unfazed is a great record but I haven't come across the demos
Brendan Cooke saw them as a support act a few years back and they were selling it at the show. Only 100 copies, he got No.42...really good

World Without Tears-Lucinda Williams


Wondering if I'm the only one who didn't know that Ringo had done a "country" album?

I've spent years trying to forget about it.
:P I thought two of the songs were cute. The rest were... um... not quite to my taste.
Luke Doucet, Steel City Trawler.  I can't get "Dirty, Dirty Blonde" out of my head!!
I dunno. Love me that Lucinda Williams, "Essence''....
I review many cd's and most recently came across an Americana artist from Texas named Samuel Barker. He sounds like Chris Knight and writes some great songs. I know Folk Artist Otis Gibbs is a fan, I recently came across him wearing a Samuel Barker shirt. That being said I thought I would share a link with you guys so that other people could hear him and maybe open you up to something I stumbled upon. 

Hope you enjoy. 


Bobby Long ~ A Winter Tale

Steve Cropper ~ Dedicated

Emmylou Harris ~ Hard Bargain

This week....."Mission Bell"  /  Amos Lee

this week listening to...

Dolorean-The Unfazed

John Hiatt-Dirty Jeans and Mudslide Hymns

Fountains of Wayne-Sky Full of Holes

Mark Kozelek-Lost Verses Live

Lindsey Buckingham-Seeds We Sow

Rainer-17 Miracles



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