Doesn't have to be a great revelation. Doesn't have to change the year in music. Could be old. Could be new. Just has to do it for this week. So what is doing it for you this week?

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This week a local band - The Fabulous Ripcords "Voodoo Girl"

A new favorite band - Delta Rae "Carry the Fire"

An older favorite - Mindy Smith "Mindy Smith"

Two from recommendations on this very thread - Jerry Douglas "Traveler" & Bap Kennedy "The Sailor's Revenge"

And two OLD favorites - CSN&Y - "4 Way Street" and Todd Rundgren - "Back To the Bars"

I've mentioned this before but Giant (Giant) Sand's Tucson is a mighty piece of work.

And Awna Texeira's record lives up and beyond its promise.  Another kickstarter classic.

At the moment I've got the debut, self titled album by Simone Felice on repeat.. I was always a fan of his work with The Felice Brothers and The Duke' so was looking forward to hearing this.. and not in the least disappointed.. Recorded in a barn, a church and a school, it is dripping with atmosphere and anything that is heavy laden with organs has got my vote. With so much good music coming out, an album has to grab me quickly to get my undivided attention and this does that brilliantly, right from the first play...

Spectrum Road- ( Cream 2.0 ?)...listening to a little fusion this week-very good, if you like this kind of stuff-Vernon Reid, John Medeski, Jack Bruce and Cindy Blackman Santana-she does a hell of a Tony Williams impersonation- also digging her husband Carlos's new CD Shape Shifter-classic instrumental Santana-pretty catchy actually; and last, but not least "The Mothership Returns" by Return To Forever-very sweet to hear Jean Luc Ponty jamming with the boys-some of the highest quality jazz around.

Current favourite - Chris Robinson Brotherhood "Big Moon Ritual"

Expect To Be Next Favourite - Beachwood Sparks "the tarnished Gold" (getting it tomorrow). Buying it, i'd like to stress...........

Ah.  I downloaded the Robinson record as part of my e-music batch for the month based on several word of mouth recommendations and despite it not passing the 30 secs a track preview test.  Will be giving it a full listen once I get the chance.

A quick review i did of it last week.

It's been Tucson by Giant Sand since it's release.  It is absolutely brilliant.

River Songs - The Badlees.

Intelligent and beautiful lyrics. 

Catchy tunes that rock.

This album has what it takes to make me happy. 


FIrst time I've ever seen anyone besides myself mention this album on any forum!  It's a fantastic album, one of my favorites of the 90s.

Jerry Douglas, Traveler

I'm with you .... Traveler is a winner! 

I would add that the release , " I like To Keep Myself In Pain" by Kelly Hogan is quality goods as well ,,,a wonderfully crafted and delivered album! 



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