What cover versions of popular or hit songs do you like better than the original?

It is common for a hit song of the past to be redone , sometimes many additional times, or for an album cut that has been a critical favorite to be cut by a more radio friendly artist...are there any cover versions of songs that you prefer to the original version ?


I'll start with one.   "The Locomotion" by Grand Funk Railroad was an improvement on the version by Little Eva from the '60s  Ok, i would love to hear what song or songs come to mind for you.

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 It may be a crime. I prefer this version to the original.

Early Stones?  You are forgiven.


(thank you) I needed that.
Agree. Like the original, but love the Stones version. Same goes for 'You Can't Catch Me', 'Love In Vain' & quite a few others covered by the Stones.

I agree it is a crime.

At that time in his life Jagger WISHED he was Otis Redding. Maybe he still wishes so.

I thought he wished he was Tina Turner
I agree........the Stones did some fantastic covers.

and this is not exactly "Roots Music" but I love this cover

That's a beautiful track!

This is one of my favorite songs of all time...

The cover version for me exceeds the delivery of the original (if you ignore the dated video techniques)

My favorite song from The Band is "It makes no difference".


My Morning Jacket actually improves on it without overhauling the song (which usually annoys me). Check it out if you have not heard it.

This one is a little strange, since technically the later version is the most popular, even though neither version was the first. But I much prefer Waylon Jennings' version of "Delia's Gone" from the late '60s, to either of Johnny Cash's versions.





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