What are your favorite lines or lyrics from your favorite songs?

I think the lines from Ray LaMontagne's song "Jolene" are my favorite: "Jolene, I ain't about to go straight it's too late, I found myself facedown in the ditch booze in my hair, blood on my lips, and a picture of you holding a picture of me in the pocket of my blue jeans I still don't know what love means." I don't know why but these lyrics stick with me all of the time, I have this song in my mind quite often. I think Ray LaMontagne is a pretty talented singer-songwriter. He is one of my favorites.

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" As dark as the inside of a cow ".....John Hartford

"He was sheriff, judge, he owned the hearse, a man you did not anger" - from The Sky Above, The Mud Below by Tom Russell


"When I was a cave man, paintin' on the walls, I never had a dollar, man I had it all - from Cave Man by Chris Smither


The lyrics below are excerpted from Live Forever by Billy Joe Shaver.  Between knowing what happened to his son Eddy and being a father of a young boy myself, these hit me in the heart every single time.


You fathers and you mothers
Be good to one another
Please try to raise your children right
Don't let the darkness take 'em
Don't make 'em feel forsaken
Just lead them safely to the light

'The King is gone but he's not forgotten, is this the story of Johnny Rotten'...N Young

It's Better to burnout then fade away

also Neil Young  from the same song

From the Star Room Boys "Gastonia:"  Oh, Carolina, how I love your rolling waters by the sea.  But that inland town just drags me down, and rolls right over me."

"Well the night time makes You lonesome for that early morning sun for the light upon that engine reaching towards the dawn you can spend your whole life racing down rusty railroad lines it's the setting sun your chasing in that dark and rolling sky(Evening Sun By Old Crow Medicine Show)

From Warren Zevon's "Dirty Life and Times": "And if she won't love me, then her sister will/She's from Say-one-thing-and-mean-anothers-ville."

"While preachers preach of evil fates, teachers teach that knowledge wait, can lead  to hundred dollar plates, goodness hides inside its gates, but even the president of the United States sometimes must have to stand naked"

-Bob Dylan "It's Alright Ma, I'm Only Bleeding"


"You can make a name for yourself, you can hear those tires squeal, you can be known as the most beautiful woman who ever crawled across cut glass to make a deal"

-Bob Dylan "Sweetheart Like You


"But the other night when you cried and you woke me up just to tell me of your bad dream, I held you close to be of some avail, like tryin' to hold the wind up with a sail"

-Pat Garvey "Tryin To Hold The Wind Up With A Sail"

"patriotism is the last refuge, to which a scoundrel clings"  dylan-sweetheart like you


"one old brown shoe, falls in slow motion,

and the bedsprings hover right above your head,

as bedsprings do, when you're beneath them"

old 97's


awesome songs man.

I listened to wreck your life several times before i caught on to what old brown shoe was about.

"and you'll curse the rain that turns the dirt to mud" 

yeah no matter what sound rhett miller or the 97's are playing he always supplies great lyrics.

I'm going to have to listen to Dylan's Infidels as well, I haven't really got into his stuff from the 80s

Unfortunately, those fine lines from the Dylan song (posted by spil on 3/23/11) are actually a famous quote by George Bernard Shaw if I'm not mistaken. They still work wonderfully in the song and are just another example of how Dylan punctuates his lyrics with borrowed quotations which I certainly don't hold against him.

These days of course , patriotism is the FIRST refuge of the scoundrel.



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