I was watching Kenny Greenberg play guitar as part of Pat McLaughlin's stellar band, and thinking there's no way the guitar can be played any better than that. There are many famous guitarists, but so many more that are un-heralded or under-heralded who are as good or better. Aside from some wildly talented but well known on ND guitarists like Dave Alvin, Chuck Prophet and Kelly Joe Phelps, here are a few off the top of my head who are just incredibly talented guitarists who could teach a thing or two to some far more famous names:

Kenny Vaughan
Andrew Hardin
Chris Miller
Thad Beckman
John Jackson
Joe Eddy Hines
D. Clinton Thompson
Scrappy Judd Newcomb
Willie Porter

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James Burton
For some reason Richard Thompson doesn't get much of a mention anywhere.
Kenny Vaughn's a good one alright. I'll have to check out the rest.

present day:

I'd add Jerry Miller from Eilen Jewell's band. Very tasty licks.

of all time:

Terry Kath , Chicago. If he'd led a three piece band instead, he'd be on the same lists as Hendrix, Page, Beck, Gallagher, Trower etc.......
Good call on Jerry Miller..great player. Nels Cline from Wilco and BB.King of course
Terry Kath totally agree...his reputation has been marred under the brand CHICAGO - CTA from 1969 was a high point..sadly no loner with us but CHICAGO ! (that's the bad news).
Supposedly Hendrix said Kath was a better player than he was.
I've recently "discovered" Jerry Miller through my YouTube buddy, Jan (bulbheadmyass) with whom Jerry sometimes writes songs and records. My husband, A-Team bassist Bobby L. Moore, recorded with Jerry Miller back in the Moby Grape days. Kinda puny. Well, just when I said, "I'm sick of Blues and don't care to ever hear any blues ever again" I ran across this video of Jerry Miller jamming some blues and he BLUE ME AWAY. Jerry Miller rocks! Check his groovy Les Paul imitation. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xh7M8ir3o3c&feature=related
not the same jerry Miller from Moby Grape....
I'll second the great Mr Terry Kath, at least he missed the great decline of Chicago - just play Chicago Transit Authority.
Camile Baudoin and Dave Malone of the Radiators, best two guitar attack since Allman & Betts, Barrere & George and Richards & Wood.
Some in this community got to see one of the best yesterday... David Pulkingham of Alejandro Escovedo's band. He's monster on electric and acoustic.



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