I guess we're going to be talking a lot about gun control this year....

I imagine there's a variety of opinions on this subject at No Depression, but can you back up your opinion with a good country (whatever that is) song?

Here's some advice from the Man in Black:


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I thought this was finished but as there is some great stuff being thrown in how about Bruce Cockburn with " If I had a Rocket Launcher" ....Texans may slag Canadiands for being wimps but this puts the debate to rest


That's powerful, and I appreciate it. Rage has so many forms - some righteous, some not.....but Martin Luther King, Jr., once said that violence is the language of the unheard. I've thought about that often. Thanks for adding that song.....


I'm glad you don't have a rocket launcher and I'm sorry so many people do

How about Neil Young's "Powderfinger"? A song that addresses the accidental death by guns.

I don't know how I missed it yesterday but Neil Young's "Powderfinger" was already posted. But if I'm not mistaken I don't think anyone's mentioned the best satire of our curious and pathetic gun fetish: the Beatles' "Happiness is a Warm Gun." I'm a big fan of Hunter S. Thompson but I never understood or could relate to his love affair with guns.

I was lucky enough to have ND feature this song. It is pretty much all I have to say about this



Chris Castle's "Both Ends of a Gun"

Tennessee ernie ford shotgun boogie

Some punk with a shotgun killed Danny Bailey in the lobby of a downtown motel.  Elton John.

Bad Bad Leroy Brown,   Jim Croce.

Sniper  A great too long for radio song by Harry Chapin



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