I guess we're going to be talking a lot about gun control this year....

I imagine there's a variety of opinions on this subject at No Depression, but can you back up your opinion with a good country (whatever that is) song?

Here's some advice from the Man in Black:


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Green On Red - Mighty Gun


"That's the way the west was really won,

plenty of cheap labor, and the mighty gun"

Great song

Many thanks for beat trade site , knowing him it was always too much to expect his site would be www.tomovans.com. Cheers


As a Southerner, a gun owner and a veteran, the funniest thing to me about the NRA today is they're following the lead of their president, a prissy Frenchman in an expensive suit. Isn't this where the cartoon dog goes "woggeda-woggeda-woggeda"?

If the American Automobile Association (exactly the same association as the NRA) became aggressively anti-stop sign, anti-speed limit, anti-drivers' licenses...would their membership rise?

For the song, I'll go with Steve Earl's Tom Ames' Prayer....or Hey, Joe, from the Surfer Days.


I like your analogy with the AAA

Now that's fire power.

"I could have swore the box said Hollywood blanks" ... Felice Brothers' "Frankie's Gun."

One of my favorite Clash songs of all-time, just happens to be a "gun song"...complete with all the "government coming to take my guns" paranoia!  "The Guns of Brixton"


The video has been pulled from You Tube, but here's a link  to the Funny or Die site where it can be seen.

Mahatma Gandhi, John Lennon and Abe Lincoln are the back up band...

"Bang Bang Bang" by Gurf Morlix



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