I guess we're going to be talking a lot about gun control this year....

I imagine there's a variety of opinions on this subject at No Depression, but can you back up your opinion with a good country (whatever that is) song?

Here's some advice from the Man in Black:


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Hank Jr was one of the champions of cultural divide...perhaps Eric Clapton's "I Shot The Sheriff" needs a mention here as a voice of tolerance...after all, he did not shoot the deputy

Michael, I'm not advocating for Hank, whom I deeply disagree with. It just seems to be an example of the strong differences that exist. So does the Miranda Lambert/Eaglesmith song, for that matter. It sounds fun and kinda reasonable enough, unless you stop and think about it. Why is it "time to get a gun'' exactly? - Are people really going to use it to stop people from repossessing their land or do they just like having it around in case someone gets a notion to visit their farm house? Similarly for Earle's effort, which can be read both ways. We like our cowboy myths. Dead schoolchildren, not so much.

Paul, I thought it was clear that you weren't advocating for Hank Jr, nor for his position...neither am I...fact is, Junior only wrote two songs, "Gawd It's Tough Being Hank Williams' Kid, Boo Hoo Hoo" and "Rednecks Are Better Than All You Other People" and I don't think he has the talent his kid has...it goes without saying he doesn't have the talent his father had...yes, we do like our cowboy myths and I'm right at the head of that line

 Hank Jr.  was country music entertainer of year for five years and has scores of albums  that are not too bad in my opinion.  His son makes some good music and some that I simply do not like.  Even III will tell you at his shows that if you liked the first half which is more Americana like, then you probably won't like the second half which is hard rock. 

for the record, Hank Jr won twice, 1987-88, and the list of those never winning the "award" include Emmylou Harris, George Jones and Buck Owens, so make what you will of its significance...I too enjoyed some of his music, enough to have purchased nine of his solo albums...and I still listen to them occasionally, but entertaining and talented are two different things...I still listen to Fabian, too

(I hope that last remark doesn't get me kicked outta here)

hey, fabian's all right in my book. if people can still get all mushy about the Monkees, why not Mr. Forte...


Gil Scott-Heron's "Gun," recently redone by Giacomo Gates.

Steve Earle:  "Billy Austin"


Fred Eaglesmith:  "Seven Shells"

Hi , as I'm from Ireland I am not touching gun control with a 20 foot pole.
On the subject of music however can I toss a Tom Ovans song into the ring ?
The song is "Bakersfield tonight " from the album "Honest Abe and the Assassins " and is one of the most chilling songs I have ever heard . On the subject of Tom Ovans , he seems to be the invisible man of Americana and I have been buying up his back catalogue over the past few months .In my opinion he is a stand alone genius and I am surprised and fairly frustrated that I never come across any articles on him. He seems to keep a low profile and not tour much .Unfortunately no video to share with you as not too many of him doing the rounds .
Here's an intriguing overview of Tom Ovans, as well as lyrics and notes to "Bakersfield Tonight" and the rest of the album. No music, but it's a start:


The Home page has a photo show and links to a lot more if you explore the Tom Ovans dropdown menu:




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