Okay folks, let's have some fun. In honor of the coming weekend, let's compile the ultimate Cocaine Mix Tape! I mean, how many great songs are dedicated to "the candy of the nose?" I think if we all pitch in, we could come up with one hell of a list. Feel free to leave a vid if you want! I'll start things off with one of my personal favorites, Johnny Cash's "Cocaine Blues." (A quick side note: please do not think that I personally ride the White Pony, or condone such behavior. But damn if it doesn't make for some good songs! :)

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Well, the exceedingly obvious choice would be "Cocaine" as covered by Eric Clapton. The less obvious and better verson would be JJ Cale's original on his Troubador record.
Good one. I had no idea what CCKMP was so did a search and found this video. Knew the song, but hadn't really listened to it for many years.

White Line Fever - Flying Burrito Bros.
Elliott Smith - The White Lady Loves You More

Casey Jones - Grateful Dead
Cocaine - Jackson Browne
Snowblind - Black Sabbath
Tell It To Me- OCMS

cocaine habit - OCMS
I like when cocaine is referred to as "booger sugar"

that is all.
Ha! Where's the "Like" button on this site? :)



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