You can resurrect one dead musician/songwriter and give them... let's say... 25 more years of productivity. Whom do you select?

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this thread is giving me the creepies because one of my fave artists, a Mr T Hansen (aka St.Thomas) died a few years back. so him!

probably Hendrix though, or Buddy Holly.
John Lennon. He started it all for me. I remember the very line in the Northern Scottish forest where I was chaining logs when a friend came up and told me he'd been shot. His music showed young Scots they could sidestep sectarian music, and rock. May he be reborn an even greater rocker!
I was thinking of him, as well. I think he would continue to agitate and innovate, and would have one of those rare careers where his old age would be as productive as his youth.
John Lennon for me too.
George Gerswhin.
Jeff Buckley.
Yes. Good call.
Gram Parsons
Stevie Ray Vaughan. No question.

I was thinking Buddy Holly, but now I have to agree with you. Vaughan was just the total package.

Paul Hester

Interesting choice, since he never got to do an album, but his cowrites with Neil Finn(and even more occasional solo compositions)gave Crowded House a needed levity, otherwise Neil had a tendency to get overly earnest at times. A full album of Paul Hester singing his own songs would have been welcome.



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