Please step in.

Here is how this works: Surely there are skeletons in your closet of musical fandom that you are aware of.

This thread is where you let the healing begin.

Let it all out.

Admitting to the shame is the first step to making it all better.

I'll start.

I am deeply ashamed to admit that I am more familiar with Bob Geldof's Deep In The Heart Of Nowhere than I am with Bob Dylan's Blood On The Tracks. I understand that this is scandalous and unacceptable and should have been rectified a long time ago. In my defense, I can say that I am not fond of Geldof's effort in the least. I just happened to purchase it in high school and spent a summer mowing lawns while listening to it and trying to figure out if it was any good. It really isn't, but I have a certain soft nostalgic spot for those lawn mowing days.

Further in my defense, I may say that "Idiot Wind" is one of my favorite Dylan tracks and that I believe that it leads off Blood On The Tracks, but I am not entirely certain (and further to my credit, I am not turning around and pulling it off the shelf to cheat). [EDIT: I checked - boy, was I wrong. Side A: Track #4 - will begin further penance.]

While I understand that I had a musically misspent youth which rapidly moved into a busy adult life full of responsibilities, I realize that this particular situation should have been rectified long ago.

The first step is acknowledging the problem.

I am on the road to recovery.

OK - Who's next?

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I bought the first Brittney Spears record back in the spring of 1999. Told the clerk at the record store I was buying it for my girlfriend. What's worse is that I genuinely enjoyed the first half of the album! "Born To Make You Happy" (which wasn't even a single!) honestly moves me more than anything off Wilco's Summerteeth. If that's not embarrassing enough I bought Oops I Did It Again the following year and liked it better than the first record. Hank Williams would kick my ass (or at least never let me come back home to Alabama) :(
the soundtrack to "The Sound of Music"! :)
I have to admit "How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria" is an incredibly dramatic song put to great effect in the "The Sound of Music," as well as, the moving "Climb Every Mountain." I am all rock & roll, folk, Americana & blues -- but, damn....I have to applaud people like Rogers & Hammerstein -- and I'll throw in Hoagy Carmichael. These people were beyond mere songwriters. By the way, if you like this music my biggest guilty pleasure is Timi Yuro's live Danish performance on YouTube of "You'll Never Walk Alone." Simply thrilling. American Idol female vocalists -- watch this performance -- pick up something about singing and microphone technique. This woman was incredible and it seemed so effortless for her. She WAS one of America's greatest female vocalists. Even Willie Nelson cut a duet with her, and Elvis Presley considered her one the best female vocalists he ever heard. Her "Interlude - Time Is Like A Dream" is another beautiful track on YouTube.

(One other guilty pleasure.....Teddy Randazzo. His 1961 "Let the Sunshine In," (not the Broadway "Hair" soundtrack song), is one of the dirtiest blues songs I ever heard -- no one is aware of it. Oh...Chubby Checker. I know this site is more roots oriented but his 1962 "Twenty Miles" is a great track in that tradition. Checker's recent country album was a marvelous effort. Too bad no one heard it. Loaded with tracks Willie Nelson should cover & there's one about Oklahoma that Reba could take to the top of the country charts. Or, maybe Reba should do a duet with....Chubby Checker himself).
Shakira pre-"Oral Fication".
After "Laundry Service" she sold out.
Your musically-mispent youth is nothing compared to mine.

I was pretty much on the same road as Chris Jones, although my ear was usually led more by the radio than individual cd's. I did, however, buy the SpaceJam soundtrack in the 7th or 8th grade following my first gifted cd of Mariah Carey. Sad times.

I didn't start getting any kind of taste in music until I started playing the guitar around six years ago. Now I have a healthy love and connection with good music. :] (Except the Twilight soundtrack. Yes I have it. Yes I am ashamed. No, I'd rather not recover.)
Cat Stevens...yes, I said it. Hell, I just bought Yusuf's latest and like it. I'm an atheist for pete's sake, I shouldn't be liking this stuff! It' s all god-like.

Milli Vanilli...i know they're not real singers, they just played ones on TV, but I still love to listen to "Blame It On the Rain"

Jimmy Buffett...all of it, every single damn song he's ever made! I sing, I dance, I drink when listening to Jimmy...and I do it with GLEE!
Hey, I'm a fan of Jimmy too, though admittedly not as big a fan as I once was. Haven't seen him live in a while cuz I cannot stand the Parrot Head thing, but 15-20 years ago I thought his shows were a lot of fun.

Smooth jazz though, is my culprit. The Rippingtons, Spyro Gyra, Grany Geissman are all in that bunch. What was I thinkin?? Hey at least Kenny G didn't make the lineup! :)
Journey. Nothing else to say about it.

Their first 2 were pretty rockin' actually. Once they kicked Aynsley Dunbar out and found Steve Perry they went over to Satan's side.

If I happen to hear Hanson's song MMBop, I CANNOT TURN IT OFF. I am COMPELLED to listen to the whole thing. It truly must be the catchiest song ever written.
umm... I found myself singing along to 'red necked girls' by gretchen wilson today. is there any penance big enough to tqke away my shame ?
1970s AM Gold/Yacht Rock

1980s Hair Metal



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