I was just in the process of looking for Thanksgiving videos to add to the site and couldn't find much of anything. 


What songs about or related to "Thanksgiving" can you think of?



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Darrel Scott is giving away his track The Day Before Thanksgiving for free today.



Thanksgiving Dinner at the Top Hat Lounge, Lord have mercy on the Crocodile Man!

Last year I posted Loudon Wainwirhgt III's "Thanksgiving" here.  It has since been taken off YouTube.  But that is the one I always play on Turkey Day.

Just noticed that Jack Williams posted this track earlier in the thread here.  Cheers!

Johnny Cash has one and Drive-by Truckers

Pretty much anything form the Last Waltz, which stands as a tribute to that holiday.

And obviously: Turkey in the Straw!

"Over the river and through the woods" - South Park


How did y'all miss this one last year?

I haven't heard anything that's touched "Thanksgiving Filter" by the Drive-By Truckers, unless it's the Arlo Guthrie thing. 

Well, there's Loudon Wainwright's "Thanksgiving" is witty but somber -- and to listen to it today it occurs to me that this was his "early", still youthful voice from '89.  Dan Bern's "Thanksgiving Day Parade" is a kaleidoscopic ramble...Happy, happy, wish we still had Pappy, Pete in PA



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