I was just in the process of looking for Thanksgiving videos to add to the site and couldn't find much of anything. 


What songs about or related to "Thanksgiving" can you think of?



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Home Cookin' by The Band.

if U are OK with Don Henley...



Ray Davies


Arlo Guthrie Alice's Restaurant  http://youtu.be/5_7C0QGkiVo 

and my fave, Mary Chapin Carpenter


ZZ Top - 1982 - I Thank You + Waitin' For The Bus / Jesus Just Left Chicago



Almost wouldn't be turkey day without officer Obie:-)

Always loved this one by Darrell Scott, "The Day Before Thanksgiving."  Needless to say my heart goes out to he and his family over the tragic loss of his father. 


Loudoun Wainwright - Thanksgiving

Video starts out with Suddenly, It's Christmas.  Thanksgiving starts at about 2:45.

"Holiday" by James McMurtry


"And the minute it’s over they’ll scatter like quail

 Off down the freeway in the teeth of a gale

 Silent and shattered

 And numb to the core

They count themselves lucky

 They got through one more holiday......."

I couldn't help it!

My apologies to everyone! I just can't help it.



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