Thought it would be fun to have a thread for music fans to post songs, albums, or concerts that artists have made available for free download online.  


I'll start the thread with the 2011 concert that Josh Ritter recently made available for free download on



(EDITORS NOTE: If you are an artist wanting to post your music on the site please post it on this discussion thread rather than here.


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And here's one from the brilliant Joe Pug....

Jackie Greenes the Grateful EP

Michael Rank's KIN (reviewed for NoDepression) is available for close to free:  "name your price".

His albums with  Snatches of Pink are available to download for free here.

I didn't realize this thread existed.  I'll repost a comment I made on another forum: 

A good friend of mine and Seattle area chanteus, Jessica Lynne,  alerted me to an online music contest for Dodge.  I have no interest in promoting a car company, but I found it relevant for this site.  It allows you to "vote" for your favorite band by downloading songs.  Some of  them are weak sauce, but others are good.  I think many of these bands are unknown or indie.  Anyway, if you have a Facebook account there are 500 free songs, from many different genres, to download.  I was searching the "country" category and found some good music.

Check it out here:  Free Music

Also, listen to Jessica Lynne.  IMHO, she has some real talent.

I don't have a specific artist or release to recommend, but if you're looking for free releases you really should explore and especially the Netlabels section and Community Audio section.  If you're unfamiliar with the term a "netlabel" is structured primarily to release music through download, and many (most?) of these netlabels do their releases under one of the Creative Commons Share-Alike liscenses that allow you to download and share the music with others for free. also has a Live Archive section that includes recordings of over 100,000 concerts by bands that allow taping at their shows.

Jack Tempchin, who wrote some of the Eagles' music, (Peaceful Easy Feeling, Already Gone to name a couple) has a new CD coming out September 25.  He has a free download available of a new song called "There's A Party Tonight", with Joe Walsh on lead guitar.  All you gotta do is sign up for his (Jack's) fan club on  I downloaded the track yesterday, and I have to say, Joe Walsh still has it.



Join Corb Lund's mailing list and get a free download of  "Gettin' Down On The Mountain" from his new album, CABIN FEVER.

Dehlia Low's "Ravens and Crows" is a free download from Dreamspider. Found myself playing it every day for awhile there...

There are three Muddy Roots samplers available for free on the Muddy Roots website.   Here is the link

The Milk Carton Kids' album, Prologue can be downloaded for free at their web site:

                                       New Upcoming Release of CD: GONE SO LONG Walt Cronin Martin

Our title track GONE SO LONG is being made available as a free download only from SoundCloud to show appreciation for all our past support. High quality MP3.

Gone So Long conveys a longing for home and friends back in Illinois.
Who doesn't feel homesick even if you've lived half your life away from those memories and people who you were most connected to?
The full CD is still being completed but delayed until beginning of the new year due to health issues.
Hope you enjoy! Walt 

Paste Magazine is offering a free download of Christmas tunes through noisetrade. Some of it is a bit popy, but there are some good ones in there.



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