I've been getting into this music more and more, and I would sure like to have a radio station to listen to. For example, iTunes lists dozens of stations, but I'm not sure which is appropriate.

Can anybody suggest a station I can find online, so that I can listen at work?

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Thirding the recommendation. Boot Liquor has turned me on to tons of great music.
WDVX , Knoxville. Listener supported.
Two of my favourites
Probably more indie than ND focused. BBC management is trying to shut 6music
wmvy marthas vineyard is pretty good and they stream online
Wild West Radio. This station was set up by an old KFAT (predecessor to KHIP-KPIG) listener. And former KPIG DJ Bill Goldsmith designed the automated music system. Right now they're playing Drive-By Truckers.

KGSR in Austin is on-line and is pretty solid.
I also vote for WDVX as my main stream, but I slide into a WWOZ mood on occasion.
One of my favorites is Iaan Hughes show "The Outskirts" on Thursdays (this very moment!) on KBCS from 12:10-3pm on Thursdays. He plays a great mix of music and has also done several podcasts for No Depression.
My online radio station, "Newgrass, Prog & More!" has been on Live365.com since 2003. It has moved away from its original format (newgrass/progressive bluegrass mixed with progressive rock - yeah, really!!) into being more of a total eclectic mix of newgrass, prog, alternative, alt country, singer/songwriter but you might find something there that you'd like. It has been favorited by over 2,100 folks worldwide.

Unlike many other online stations, it's webcast at 32kbps so even folks with dial-up can get it.

At one time I was big into interviewing and had 50 minute audio interviews with folks like Sam Bush, John Cowan, Pat Flynn (all x New Grass Revival, of course), Darrell Scott, Jamie Hartford (John's son), and Missy Raines. Right alongside these I had interviews with Carl Palmer (ELP, Asia), Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull), and Chris Squire (Yes) and Alan White (Yes; drummer on John Lennon's "Imagine).


Steve S-N
you should get into Pandora.
I've had good luck with Pandora. I've heard others claim it plays the same stuff over and over, but I think what's key is to tweak the stations you create buy using the thumbs up and down or the "I'm tired of this song" option which puts overplayed tunes on the shelf for a bit.
For classic country and contemporary artist working that style the KBCS show Walking the Floor (Sundays 6-9 AM, Pacific) is excellent on the weeks that Iaan Hughes is hosting. (Which is every other week or so.)

Iaan really knows his classic country and clearly loves all styles, from early raw country to extra cheesy "countrypolitan." And he plays some great music by contemporary artists. Every show I hear stuff I have never heard (or heard of) and I have been listening to country since I was in the womb.

Iaan has great info on artists and the music he plays and is one of the few DJs that doesn't make me yell "Shut the hell up!" at the radio.

Walking the Floor is hosted every other week by Iaan . The week's he's not on it's hosted by Christine something (I think) and the show is all right, it just tends to be far more folk oriented on those weeks.

(Also at 8:30 every Sunday they have this Garrison Keillor like folksy blah blah blah by some lady named Cat Mamma or something. It's intrusive and annoyingly sucks up some of the only time you can hear real country on the radio in the Seattle area but it rarely goes on longer than 11 or 12 minutes.)



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