Hey everyone! I am new to the forum as well as to the Americana/Alt Country/Roots Rock genre of music. I have been trying to develop my musical taste and I think this type of music will suit me the best. It sounds like this type combines real country with rock, blues, folk, etc. and that sounds good to me. I have some questions to get started:


1. Is Americana/Alt Country/Roots Rock all the same or are they different genres under the same "umbrella"?


2. What artists/groups should I start with in this genre? Who is a "must listen to" when you get started listening to this type of music?


3. Is there anywhere on here or anywhere else that has a list of all of the artists/groups in this genre so I know in order to buy cd's, etc.?


4. Are there any radio stations that plays music strictly in this genre?


Thanks, look forward to hearing from you all!

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Definitions are tough ... I would look at them as being similar. They overlap alot.

There are lots of lists around ... on Wiki ... the "Freight Train Boogie" site. Bloodshot Records have their take ... they call it "Insurgent Country" ... they have some compilation albums. I like the ones they produced after 5 and 11 years of being in the business. They could be a good start. On these you'll hear both more traditional country sounds and country/rock /punk blends. There are also books around like "South by South West" by Brian Hinton. They're good because you start to get a feel for the genre, and read about some of the ground breaking artists and bands.

Living in New Zealand I don't know about the radio stations in the US.



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