Name artists who you think deserve wide recognition...please!

Simple and clearer?
Hope so...
Names bands that might not be well known globally or even nationally, but you love them!
And if they have a myspace or something let us's a few

John Miller and His Country Casuals
Tom Armstrong
Misisipi Mike
Natalie Edelson
Miss Leslie and Her Juke Jointer
all on myspace...

Jim Moulton gave me three ...all bluegrass, I think:
I have to check them out:
Donna Hughes
Carrie Hassler
Melanie Cannon

Now how about yours?

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Hard to know where to draw the line here in terms of how well-known an artist is. After all, almost by definition, most of the favorites of folks who hang at this site will be relatively unknown to the larger population. But here are a few of my "unknown" favorites (A-L):

Amanda Shires
Bap Kennedy
Carrie Elkin
Dan Israel
Danny Schmidt
David Dondero
Derek Hoke
Gregory Alan Isakov
Jason Eady
Jeff Finlin
Johnny Flynn
Jon Itkin
Well, David, I'm in England and I can say I haven't heard of these...until now.
So thanks...I'll check to see if any are on myspace when I have an hour or three!
That's how I found a band or two I love...
Thanks...just off out to see a comedian who is very popular here : John Bishop...he's on youtube.
I'm in the uk too & have seen at least 7 of them here, & at least 2 of them are British or have lived here.
So it's, don't blame geography on not knowing them.
As you can guess, I don't set myself up as the font of musical knowledge......far from may have noticed...but...interesting, Andy.
It is good to hear tips.. you obviously know much more than me.
So who are British and I'll look out for them...

and where, did you see the 7?

Good to know cos I'll check the venues...
Andy...I'd be grateful if you'd enlighten me...who is British and where have they played.what venues???..London..I guess.

John Miller is Glaswegian and tours irregularly across the UK but has a great CD out (review online later today) and BapKennedy is from Norn Ireland but hardly every leaves the Province these days which is a shame - he should be a star.

  Carrie Elkin and Jeff Finlan tour the UK fairly regularly but I've not heard of most of the others either.

   As well as No Depression - check out for reviews and UK Tour dates too. 

It's not a competition, Andy.
I'd also recommend Energy Orchard, a band fronted by Bap Kennedy in the early 90'S.
I was a big Energy Orchard fan - still got all their albums and a t-shirt (way too small) but they were a bit too 'rockish' for the average No Depression fan surely......although they were mates with Steve Earle so that might make a few go running to MySpace!

I can think of one that goes without saying.  The Initials are TotM...

also for you Europeans,  there are some psychedelic spaghetti western friends of ours called Spindrift doing a tour at present.  if you hear of such happening nearby they put on a good live show.

Very true on Jason Eady and Amanda Shires. You can add Matt Harlan to that list, too.
Matthew and the Atlas. Although gaining popularity in the UK, not very well known in the U.S.



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