Most overrated underrated album.....or the critic's darling award

You know what I'm talking about. You bought it after reading some glowing review about what an influential lost masterpiece it was. You bought it. You tried.

The winner is: Trout Mask Replica!

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well, I hate the production on that one, which doesn't help at all - yuck

Agreed - I think the production is a lot of what I don't like about it.  (Made me worried when I heard Steve Earle's recent album was also going to be produced by T-Bone, though in the end I think that collaboration was great for Steve. )  But I would also say, with apology to her fans, that I think Krauss is overrated, though not as an instrumentalist.

This would piss off a bunch of people but it is buried in this thread so here goes: T-Bone is overrated as a producer. 

Damn I hate to agree w/ Hal.

And I love that you hate it!

Hal, I don't disagree but am curious as to why you think that way. What does be do or not do?

Early in his days as a producer I thought he brought out the best in a band: Los Lobos, Peter Case, Marshall Crenshaw, BoDeans. Now it is a defined T-Bone imprint. For example: I would have know Steve Earle's latest was a T-Bone effort without the liner notes. And I am a fan.  I still love T-Bone's early solo stuff: Truth Decay, Proof Through The Night and Trap Door were/are outstanding discs still well worth a listen.

If we are going to pick on producers, I nominate Mitchell Froom and Tchad Blake as most deserving of derision.

In that vein, I'm tired of Brendan O'Brian being at the helm on Bruce's albums.


Throwing Jeff Lynne into the hat, or under the bus...

Yeah, he ruined a couple of Dave Edmunds' albums effectively killing his career. 

He didn't exactly ruin Tom Petty's Highway Companion but it had a distracting sheen  when it needed more grit.  I loved Dave Edmunds "Information" but same deal on the tunes Lynne produced.  Would love to hear both those records in the hands of someone like JJ Cale, who would know how to keep things simple and organic.



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