The song that makes me cringe  is Paul McCartney's version of "It's So Easy" on Rave On Buddy Holly. The only track from 2012 that makes me hit the next track button.

Maybe the song doesn't qualify by itself but that little snippet of talking crap makes me wonder wtf he was thinking. Talk about not growing old gracefully......

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Has Sting released anything this year? 

Not sure, but what about Bono? 

Going nuclear right out of the gate eh?

Those two alone can close out the discussion. But there's always this one:

Actually I found Gangnam Style to be a catchy throw away tune and fun video, at first.  But we have two nineteen year old Chinese exchange students living with us, between them and my nine year old son, my wife and I have heard it, um, a lot.  Kinda like day 6 of Thanksgiving turkey leftovers by now.

Hard to single out one song amongst the surfeit of crap, but I don't care if I never hear "Call Me Maybe" again. 

Gotye, "Someone That I Used To Know."   Like a tractor stripping its gears, everytime I hear it.

How 'bout that "Corn Star" thing?

My dilemma: Do I search out the various annoying songs I haven't heard or consider myself lucky and leave it at that?

I went searching this morning, and discovered I knew none of the really annoying ones. Almost all of them were from someone named Nicki Minaj.

Hal, as we know, Ed's a solid bellwether.  Hadn't heard of "Corn Star", took a listen.  You should rename this discussion "Dumbass Song of the Year".  Bet they ain't playing that one on XXX.

Anything with autotune. I hate that studio effect and thought it would be a bad fad of the past by now.  And I agree with Mare about that Gotye tune. Amazed that annoying song became so popular.



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