The most interesting show I've seen in a while was Luella and the Sun.  At the beginning of the show I wasn't sure what to make of them and by the end of the show I still wasn't.  Sleeping on it didn't help and a week or so later I'm still not sure if I liked them of not.  There's nothing routine about them, I'd say they are thought provoking and probably not for everyone, not that there is a band that is for everyone.  Intense, minimalist guitar, bass and drums and a lot of space between instruments along with a talented singer - Melissa, aka Luella -  with a big voice.  I guess it's mostly the singing I'm not so sure about.  She sounds like Emmy Lou Harris singing hard blues with a punk edge, including some vocal histrionics that maybe don't serve the songs so well.  Or maybe the histrionics are the thing.  I don't know much about the band, their website is not especially informative.  I believe I heard the guitarist has played a lot with Kevin Gordon, which was sufficient to pique my interest.

Wondering what those who've seen Luella and the Sun thought about the show they saw.

Meanwhile, here's a video:

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Based on the video:

Liked the band.



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