I sometimes feel I am in the Minority in that I like to hear a Band or a Singers Live Albums, Warts and all, because I feel it shows their ability to improvise and bring real emotions that sometimes get lost in a Studio setting. The following are a few Albums I feel reflects that.

1} Live at the Fillmore - Lucinda Williams. The live setting here really brings the pain, sense of loss, and even Joy of her songs to the forefront.

2] Kicking Televisions, Live in Chicago - Wilco. Here you can hear the pain and emotions that Jeff Tweedy puts into his songs better than the studio versions, while also showcasing the many styles this Band plays , from Country, too Rock, and even some Avant Garde while not overwhelming the feeling of the song.

3] At The Ryman - Emmylou Harris. This live recording, with what has too be one her best Bands, The Nash Ramblers, showcases her remarkable voice and emotions that sometimes don't come fully come across in her studio recording.

4} Rock of Ages - The Band. One of musics most remarkable groups. They play so many styles so well and that is exemplified on this live recording. Songs like The Weight, The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down, Up on Cripple Creek never sounded better or more soulful than here.

5} Brothers of a Feather - Chris and Rich Robinson. The Two Brothers play classic Black Crowes songs in a Live unplugged setting, bringing wonderful insight to their songwriting skills that isn't always apparent in their studio recordings.

These are just my opinions, would love to read what others think.

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James McMurtry - "Live in ought 3" He's just so............ literate , but he writes great hooks too.

Marshal Tucker Band - " Stompin' Room Only" At their peak in the mid 70's. Toy Caldwell played with pure joy in his heart and soul. He communicated with God.

Allman Brothers Band - "Live at the Fillmore East" Dickie and Duane. 30 + years after it's release I still listen to it. Most often playing along. OK , more like trying to keep up.

Frank Zappa - " The Roxy and Elsewhere"
or, if I may "Shut up 'n Play Your Guitar". Technically not a "live " album, but all the music is recorded in front of an audience. Frank just takes different "live " solos and puts them with other arrangements. It's a stretch, I know, but I like it best.

Chris Smither - "Live as I'll Ever Be" One guy , one guitar, a voice like experience itself and songs that you can believe. A solo performance doesn't get any better than this.

Those would be the ones I've listened to most often in the last ten years.
Honorable mention as most recent favorite:

Wilco - "Live, Kicking Television" Nels Cline takes Tweedy and crew to levels unimagined previously. He is presently the guitar player who amazes me most often.

Someone already said it though, there are hundreds of honorable mentions. I'd agree with most every choice given so far.

Still, the grand-daddy of them all was "Frampton comes Alive". The first "live" album to top the charts. First to sound as good as a studio recording. It was the soundtrack to my teens. I don't need to play it. I've heard it so often I could conjure every note in my head. And that's not a bad thing.

Dooo you (you) 2..3..4
Feeeeeeel like we do

C'mon let me hear you now..............................................
Reckless Kelly Was Here
Another great one. Love the DVD. "Wiggles and Ritalin" .
Richmond Fontaine Postcard from Portland Live at Dante's

man i love this band!
I haven't heard this live one, but I love Richmond Fontaine myself. However, their songs are so real, so gritty, so dark, that I'm not sure I'd want to hang with these dudes.
i dont know about hanging with them but the album is great, you can sample two songs there:
Muchas Gracias , Christian.
Dark songs about real life by (Wily Vlautin) one of the most upbeat and likeable blokes you could meet. Believe me you would love to hang out with them!
Ok I am A live junkie and these are my top 10

1. Sonny Landreth/Grant Street
Come on you just need to listen to it he is in my opinion the Best Slide guitar player around today and believe me I love Derek.

2. Talking Heads/Stop Making Sense
Best band from their era period if you had the chance to see them live you would agree

3. Stevie Ray Vaughan/Live At Montreux
Disc 1 a classic hearing Stevie and Double Trouble getting booed, are you kidding me?

4. Greg Brown/The Live One
Great songwriter great solo performer great story teller his daughter is damn good also.

5. David Bromberg/How Late Will You Play Til
I saw him in the 70's while at WVU bought this shortly after that and still listen to it.

6. Donna The Buffalo/Live from the American Ballroom
No Ballroom, my favorite Americana Band today showing why people need to see this band live.

7. Grateful Dead/Three From The Vault
Why because I am a deadhead and this is my favorite officially released live recording. China Cat Sunflower thats all I need to say.

8. Bob Marley/Babylon By Bus
Why because I have listened to this cd for 32 years now my kids do the same anything I can still listen to for that long has to be on the list.

9. Michael Hedges/Live On The Double Planet
Wow an amazing Guitar player with a unique style studio album Aerial Boundaries is simply awesome but this live recording does him justice passed on to early in life.

10. Poco/Deliverin
Super group fantastic album 39 years after it was made
Robbie Fulks- Revenge!
A few more outstanding live albums came to mind....

"Townes Van Zandt - Live at The Old Quarter": 2 disc set recorded in 1973 in downtown Houston.

"Alejandro Escovedo String Quintet - Room of Songs": 2 disc set recorded at The Cactus Cafe in Austin in 2005.

"James McMurtry - Live in Europe": 1 CD and 1 DVD released in 2009. Features Ian McLagan on keyboards.
I am really enjoying the John Prine album. He is such a fun storyteller and have enjoyed his music and shows for so many years.



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