I was going to place Joni Mitchell number two behind Dylan in the other thread, but she’s a Canadian, so technically she doesn’t fit in there. Let’s just say she’s the second best songwriter in North America.


Chelsea Morning

Both Sides Now

Big Yellow Taxi


Circle Game

Rainy Night House



My Old Man

A Case Of You


The Last Time I Saw Richard

You Turn Me On I’m A Radio

Car On A Hill

Free Man In Paris

Raised On Robbery

Help Me

Court And Spark



Furry Sings The Blues

Refuge Of The Roads

Talk To Me


Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter

Ladies Man

Man To Man

Moon At The Window


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pretty sure she's a us citizen

Aaaaahhhhhhh !

Joni Mitchell is a great big dilemma to me. I think she is a SUPERB songwriter, world class. However, i simply cannot stand her voice. To high, whiny and screechy. So i don't listen to her. 

And i've tried. i bought two compilations , Hits and Misses. And i bought Hejira.

And this is how sad i am, i've been known to take the booklets out and just read her lyrics (Furry Sings The Blues ! How wonderful that lyric is, indeed that full album). It's all a bit of  a shame really but i've heard some wonderful singers do her songs over the years . Tom Rush with The Circle Game is an all time favourite track.

Also, the later version of Both Sides Now , with her "new" old and rough voice, much better !

She should do a full double album of all her best songs with her new voice !



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