One week after I posted about Kings of Leon taking Douche to a whole new level with their clothing line, Mayer reclaims the Throne of Douchedom with this asinine Rolling Stone piece (a redundant phrase in and of itself).

John, I've got news for you. You can be as vile, arrogant, and transparently "edgy" as you like, in as many interviews as you like. It's not going to change the fact that you make elevator music for tweens.

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When I first read this I thought it seemed inflammatory and unnecessary and then I clicked through to the Rolling Stone interview and read a few excerpts and now I get your point.
He comes off really, really poorly. It also seems very much manufactured.
Spot on once again Mr. Anderson.
I liked the John Mayer Trio (of course he had a couple of awesome players with him.) Does this mean it's a guilty pleasure?
I never really listened to the Trio. It's essentially him playing white guy blues guitar with some other great players, right?
Yeah. You pegged it. But he sings okay.

That reminds me of the song "White Boy Blues" by the Bottle Rockets. Much better group.
When John Mayer comes over the radio when I rarely have it on, I have to pull over and find my Carolina Chocolate Drops, put it in, and breathe just to feel clean again.
lol no way
he;s in town tonigh
i dint even know who he was



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