If you had to pick one solo acoustic Neil Young Album....

For learning how to play as a solo acoustic performer, which would it be? Harvest btw is great but he has a band for most of the songs...I am trying to find some of his material where it is just Neil + guitar. Love to hear your ideas!

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Listening to him tune for Down by the River now...

boy he can hit some notes too...

If I had to pick one Neil Young solo Acoustic Album..... well I'm going nuts just trying to decide, so I will give it more thought and get back to you.  TOUGH QUESTION !

Yes but not a test fortunately enough!! Yea just think his playing is a great source for all players no matter their skill level...


you'd be better off just trying to learn some of his easier tunes from chord/ tab sheet which are easily available on line

back when I learned ( pre- internet) we used to buy song books that had music, lyrics and chord charts

not sure if they still make them but you should be able to get hold of some

Yeah, would have to be Harvest Moon for me. Just great songs. His voice and delivery have changed so much over the many years, and there is sure plenty to draw from his earliest solo stuff too. Maybe look for videos with just him on guitar. Good luck!

Yup Harvest Moon, thats a good one...

"Comes A Time" is my favorite acoustic flavored album ... I never go on a roadtrip without it. 

But Massey Hall would be my pick for a strictly solo acoustic album ... you can even watch the video and strum along. 

Just got it....thanks Jay!

Couldn't agree more on both Jay.

his debut

which was...?



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