If you could have a get-together (of some sort) with 5 people, dead or alive, who would you pick and why?

I tend to ask this one alot - it's a good way of getting to know someone. My one rule is that it isn't family or friends. Otherwise, I - like many others - would pick people whom I've lost over the years. You can pick any person - athlete, singer, composer, president, etc.

I would pick Bob Dylan, Ryan Adams, Bono, Johnny Cash, and... the last one's a wild card depending on my mood that day. I've been known to say people such as: June Carter Cash, Caitlin Cary, Jon Bon Jovi, Mats Sundin, John Travolta, The Edge, John Maynard Keynes (economist), John A Macdonald (first prime minister of Canada), Neil Diamond, Gary Allan, Nora Roberts, Tico Torres, etc.

I think Bob Dylan would be one of the most interesting people to talk to. You'd just have to get him to talk straight and actually open up. Though I've sure some of the half-truths and tales he could spin would be amazing in of themselves!

Ryan Adams... I was absolutely amazed by him for about a year up until he hurt my feelings in a big way last month. Would love to ask him why then after that was out of the way talk poetry, lyrics, life, art, literature, music, etc with him.

Bono has got to be one of the most interesting human beings - right up there with Bob Dylan. The man is such an enigma - it would be such an experience getting to sit down and talk with him. What would we talk about? Ireland (I long to go there), his charitable works (I support many of the same causes he does), decisions he made regarding music, life, literature, etc.

Johnny Cash... the man has quite the history. There are several contradictions I've read that I would love t have him clear up. It would be amazing to talk religion with him as he was a very learned man on the subject. He studied through many courses as well as did extensive home study. There is so much that I would love to discuss/debate with him. I'll always regret not having the chance to hear him perform.

I have various reasons for my other choices. One reason for some of them being to see them interact with one of the others on my list. I would have loved to see June and John's relationship in person - to see if it was really as easy and warm as I've heard and read. The Edge... he is such a talented guitarist and radiates such peace. He seems like such a lovely person. I would love to have a sit down with him and discuss philosophy, religion, literature, music, life, etc. I have different reasons for each...

So... who would your choices be?

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Funny because I was wondering what the original meeting between Bob Dylan and the Beatles would have been like.

Poor Pete Best is right! Talk about "almost"
Pete played a show recently here in Houston. At least his "almost" is getting him gigs still!
I see you're point , he's been "heard of" by millions and able to have a career (of sorts) as a gigging musician for years - still must be hard to get to sleep at night though !
Paul and Ringo still doing it for the pure fun - Pete to try and pay the bills .........
John Peel
Albert Einstein
Douglas Adams
William Faulkner
Samuel Clemens
Miles Davis, Townes Van Zandt, Johnny Cash, Nat King Cole and ....? Boy the last one will have to wait....

Miles because he was an unadulterated genius musically, but who did he listen to get where he was going, ie, who had been where he was going?

Townes, such a great story teller, and because I could ignore all that Steve Earle would like to wax poetic about...

Johnny Cash, not much to add, lots of great stories and what he felt his influence on Roseanne was...

Nat King Cole, how did he go from a marvelous Trio leader (which is entirely overlooked by most) to Top of the Charts recording artist...

Last but not least....still thinking
Very intersting Stina,
I would like to get together with Tift Merritt, Linda Ronstadt, Jerry Garcia , and Duane Allman.
1. Tift Merritt, would love to play lead guitar in her band and talk to her about songwriting, and other stuff.

2. Linda Ronstadt, Another person that I would like to play in her 70s backup band, and give Andrew Gold the decade off.

3. Would love to jam with Jerry Garcia and Duane Allman, my 2 favorite electric guitarists.



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