I have over the years amassed several thousand cds all stacked on shelves in a walk-in closet.  It's getting harder to grab something to listen to with so many choices.  Does anyone else find themselves in a similar situation?  If so, how do you organize your music for easy access?  Also do you occasionally cull your collection to bring it back to a reasonable size?  How do you pick what to get rid of, as I can't seem to part with any of my music in case I should ever want to listen to it again.

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I congratulate you on such an extensive collection!if not place, not necessarily to get rid of that "less like that," there must be another way out, put on the front shelves that often hear, because maybe you will choose most often. (sorry for my English). :)
Mine are in alphabetical order and i'm in the process of putting them in those slim plastic wallets , kick out the hard plastic cases and you get a lot more in the same space.
I love the slim plastic cases.  But does anyone have suggestions about what to do with all those empty jewell cases?  I don't think they can be recycled.
My town of Montclair, NJ does recycle the plastic cases and the CDs now after many requests to do so.  They put them in with all the electronics they now take.  And there are websites I've seen that will take CDs and cases if you ship them, but that's rather inconvenient!

I have a few thousand CDs myself, alphabetically arranged, separately for US, UK and Other.  In recent years I have transferred most of them to my computer. I have an internal 2 terabyte hard drive and it's great to have instant access to everything my heart desires. My new music is practically all digital, I seldom buy CD anymore and when I do, I buy directly from the artist. When I'm away from my desktop, my music goes with me (iPhone & iPod). In the meantime, the CDs are collecting dust. What's their future? I don't know ...


pictured 6 of 18 separate shelving units for cds:

and for albums, this (not my picture):

Bolts to the wall and is stable enough.  Both relatively inexpensive solutions.


Organization is alphabetical by artist and chronological within artist.  Classical sorted separately from all other genres, but otherwise no distinctions by type of music.  Most is loaded on my computer for convenience.



Is the one for LPs from IKEA as well?



Here it is.


I am violating the weight restrictions per cube section, but it seems to be handling it OK.

By cluster, where a cluster is defined as a grouping of CDs either by an artists group or a set of linked artists/groups.  Then within that by artist chronologically.  Grateful Dead and family has its own set up.  And I have a shelf for new stuff and CDs by artists with upcoming gigs. 


Downloads are either in the My Music folder or My emusic folder by artist by recording.



had the same problem with lots of  styles and some that met no style.Purchased several 4 tier wire storage racks from home depot (in black).. separated c'd's by type of music..jazz.reggae,bluegrass,chill..etc!. storage boxes were expensive and couldn't find any i liked, so! located group of similar size cardboard boxes ..11X13 perfect, cut them all down to 41/2 height with exacto knief and metal ruler.  covered them all with adhesive shelf paper in same solid pattern (khaki) each box holds 2 rows of c.d's -80 per box! within each box I placed all by one artist together in a row followed by next artist that i had multiple disc by..looks god and neat and i can locate all music now, as I listen to every day! Hope this helps...BUT, you gotta put em' back after playing or you end up where you started.



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