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Hey, you are a featured Blogger, That is good!!
I'd love to help with an upcoming releases page, but ... my schedule is so unpredictable that, while I often could be available, I can't guarantee my regular availability. Maybe the best bet would be a small team consisting of two or three folks (I'd be happy to be one of them).

Currently, I use the upcoming releases pages of Twangville and Freight Train Boogie. They're both good and there's some overlap but they each often include releases not included by the other. Unless we could do better, I agree with Easy Ed that a box with links would be easier and just as much of a service to ND readers.
I posted the following back in July. When I go to My Discussions I see 84 Replies but can't find any replies to what I wrote. Are the 84 replies meant to indicate how many posts have been made to the "How can we make this community better" or what does it mean? If there have been actual responses to my post where would I see them? Sorry if this all seems obvious to my fellow users but I am a little confused.

Here's my original post:

Has anyone compiled or aware of a resource for lists of things such as clubs, radio stations, press, indie labels, festivals, etc that are open or friendly to roots music. If there is not such a thing I would be willing to start putting one together. Each person could contribute what they know and then I would compile the info. I could create a page with a form on my website
Hi Dennis - It looks like nobody responded to that! So sorry! There are a couple of forums on this site for radio stations (this one from radio DJs and this one for the best online radio stations). But, these are difficult to find on a quick search of this site. There's also this group here for artists sharing resources.

There used to be a site called Hidden Water, which had all of that information. Now the closest thing I know of is, but that's really just a monster calendar of live shows searchable by artist or venue.

The database you speak of would definitely be a remarkable contribution, and a very big job that I don't think we have the manpower to create here yet. It could be something that starts with a forum discussion, and then you could compile that information if you wish on your site. Not a bad idea at all...
I just uploaded about 6 videos and was poking around the other videos. I was surprised at the relatively small number of views most videos (even those of famous and somewhat famous artists) are receiving. Have you given much thought as to why this is and what can be done to create more views. It's not because of the quality. I just watched the video of the Young Evils and it was great.

I noticed that although you have a fine looking Youtube page not much is being done with it. I would suggest favoriting every video (or at least start with the ones you think are the best). Youtube has a tremendous audience and if they are looking for an Americana artist and find them through the No Depression's Youtube page maybe you can convert them into No Depression members (and eventually viewers on No Depression).

I realize that this is a lot of work and it appears that this is for the most part a work of passion. For your work I say thank you.

If the blog is getting 3 million hits a day, don't you get a lot of requests for advertising on your site, that is a remarkable amount of hits
Where did you get the impression that we are getting 3 million hits a day?!! That would be incredible. We receive between 75,000 and 80,000 unique visitors per month (around 125,000 total visits).
Hi Kyla,
I read it on a forum post on this site, tried to find it , but can't now
I apologize if this has already been mentioned. I didn't read every single post, to be honest. I think it would be beneficial for people to know the number of pageviews their blog posts receive. I can understand why you might not want to necessarily make this public, but it might help contributors know what type of content is most interesting to the community if they had private access to their stats.

Admittedly, it can also be demoralizing to realize your stuff isn't getting many hits which could be a deterrent to people posting. I know it can be demoralizing on my personal blog when I work hard on a piece and it gets very little attention. So, it's a balancing act, but I would be curious to hear what others think.
Dustin - We have very little direct control over that sort of thing, since the folks at Ning develop the features, but it's definitely a great idea!

I can tell you Ning is planning to implement a "like" feature for blog posts, so that people can show their appreciation without necessarily having to comment. Hopefully this will increase your feedback and be able to reassure you that people are in fact reading. I'm not sure when they'll be implementing that, but it is in the works and I'll keep you posted.

I think it would be great if folks could add Google analytics to their individual blogs on this site, much the same as you'd do if you created a blog through blogspot, tumblr, or other networks. I'll pass that on to the folks at Ning. Thanks!
Yeah, analytics would be awesome! I look forward to the "like" feature as well. Thanks for the reply!
I don't know how NO categorizes your postings, or topics; it seems like one big free-for-all in the forums. Perhaps some organization in the forums would be a big help. I.e. Music we're listening to; announcements by members; topics organized alphabetically even would work.



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