This is off-topic, I know, but I am planning to start a blog. I'll still be posting all of my music writing here, but this new blog will be dedicated solely to sports (although I'm sure an occasional musical reference will find its way in from time to time). However, I'm having a little trouble coming up with a name for it. Here are a few I've came up with so far. Pick your favorite or come up with an better one.

Adam's One-Stop Sport's Shop
The Buckeye Underground
Sports & Shit (what I'm leaning towards right now)
The Game 7 Secret Police

Thanks for the help.

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Please check this out and let me what you think. As you'll see, I made sure to link to No Depression several times.
So it's "Game 7 Secret Police"?

Pretty good, actually - reminds me of "California Über Alles" - is that the reference?
What type of sports and what about them? A blog about sports could be a full-time thing. that's what espn is for. stories you've heard and want to share? inspirations? the golden years? "big" 4? x-sports.

Those would all help direct it a bit more.

A friend of mine came up with the Daily Dime when we were in college working on the newspaper together. I'm pretty sure he sold the name to espn for a pretty tidy sum. he writes for them still and is on tv talking about b-ball often.

Just read a good blog name for a friend's site dedicated to his love of bikes and art of bikes. He calls it, "Brush & Spoke". I like that he took from the two interests to come up with the name.

I like your Sports and Shit. Could you get more specific, like Monday Morning Wood? Sofa Splinters. Grass on the Sheets. Adam Sheets Undercover. So Many Sports, So Little Time. Maybe those are some thought starters.
Sports Sheets
2nd base touchdowns or

Filth & squalor by Adam Sheets
Stinky Feet & Nachos

goodluck with it!



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