Seems Ryan Adams had a bit of tiff with Neil Finn at a recent BBC 4 Songwriter showcase.  Mr. Adams has a reputation for being a bit immature.  You can google the salacious details.  Suffice to say that Mr. Adams was annoyed and chose not to sing with Mr. Finn.  Mr. Finn called him out. Minor drama ensued. 


In theory, it is all about the music.  But, personality is part of the music.  Of course, I don't know anything about a performer personally, so it's my own perception.  Johnny Cash was the man in black.  Dwight Yoakam is that mysterious skinny cowboy in tight pants.  Waylon Jennings is an outlaw.   As much as I hate to admit it, I root for certain musicians because I like their personality (Jamey Johnson and Ryan Bingham come to mind).    


Occasionally, however, there is a performer whose music is very good, but his persona turns me off.   Maybe Ryan Adams fits that. Ted Nugent, Jim Morrison, and David Allen Coe might also fit (depending on how you feel about the music).    It feels a bit tiny bopper to judge on personality.  But I can't shake my belief that it does affect the perception of the music.  


What musician do you respect because of the musical talent but dislike because of a bad personality? 




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All a storm in a tea the same series we had Donovan, Buffy St Marie & Roger Cook together with Donovan announcing the show modestly as 'three great songwriters'....

Janis Ian with Ryan Adams & Neil Finn appeared to be living off the one song!


Over the last 40 odd years Neil Young has come across as 'rather difficult' but this hasn't distratced from the music in fact his stance in the 80s was heroic it's only in his later years that people see that 'it was only about the music'.




It was a load of bullshit hype my friend. Ryan was being a bit cheeky and Finn took the huff , like a big kid. He seemed to think Ryan wasn't showing him enough respect, by cracking a few jokes. Ryan was just being himself (pretty mildly at that) and Finn didn't seem to like it. The poor wee lamb !

Nicely put.

Adams wasn't merely "being a bit cheeky"; he is a self absorbed brat and massively overyhped as a musician as many genuine music fans are now recognizing.

BTW, I was looking forward to the new Lemonheads album until I discovered that Adams was involved. 

Wow. That's harsh. Even if you don't like someone as a person, it shouldn't affect how good their music is. If you DON't like his music aside from that (which is fine as not all do), why should that affect how you percieve an album done by a band you DO admire just because he happens to be involved?


Also, what makes a genuine music fan?

You're right; it was a bit harsh. That's what happens when you post comments late at night when your tired and irritable!

Still don't like the guy though.

I've been there and done that (posting while tired and irritable). :) Hope today was better for you.

Even though I suppose Frank Sinatra was a good singer,  he was a real a__h___.  Self-important, petty, mean, and hateful of people with my political sentiments concerning "the war."  

Sinatra also has a police record for throwing a woman through a plate glass window.

A real gentleman - NOT!

Uh...Paul Simon came to mind in a half second or so.

& David Crosby for his drug riddled years and talent that was smoked away

David has redeemed himself in recent years, in my humble opinion.  Doing good work in tandem with Graham Nash, and sounding great.



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