Sweet Baby James. I can't tell you how much I love this album. I love a lot of his other work, too. He's always been great, and he's great now. His guitar on Joni Mitchell's, Blue was perfect. Neil Young's Harvest. Carolina In My Mind. He's done a lot of great work. But I think he only made one great album: Sweet Baby James.                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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Agree CSN is a stand alone classic BUT Stills (in the snow), Crosby's (If Only) & Nash's (Song for) are superb and for varying reasons they never got close to these debut SOLO records - excl Manassas & C&N Wind On The Water - all wasted on the way.

I'll nominate Carole King in this category .

She's undoubtedly a great artist, wonderful talent and superb songwriter. Are any of her albums other than Tapestry really essential listening though ? i think not !

Counting Crows - August and Everything After.    I treasure that album beginning to end.    Thought the second one very good and all others  somewhat uneven.

Billy Joel - Turnstiles.  Now this one may just be my personal tastes speaking.  Love that album, but can't say I have any real interest in buying any other one by him.  OK, maybe Piano Man for $5.

Glass Houses is a great album. Little cheesy now, but still, it rocked back in the day.

Jesse Winchester's first, produced by Robbie Robertson. Good stuff throughout his career... one great album.

Mud Slide Slim is pretty good - recent releases of covers are just dreadful - JT has turned into Perry Como

So he's improved?

Michelle Shocked - Short Sharp Shocked , a classic, every track a gem . Never came CLOSE to equalling it.

Agree most certainly

well- I don't consider taylor great- not really a fan of his and might not be familiar with a lot of his music- but ithink mudslide slim was his best

obvious one:

only great album as a group:

one more:

absolutely hit it with the pistols



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