Loretta Lynn 'Van Lear Rose'

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Love the sketch almost as much as I love Jim Croce. "'I'll be careful when I'm climbin' cause it hurts a lot to drop, and when your down nobody gives a damn anyway."
Thanks! Yeah Jim Croce is my favorite artist aside from possibly Robert Earl Keen. I have pretty much all of their songs (still scavenging a few more now eventually though). I find them strangely similar even though ostensibly they are not. Great songs first and foremost, great rapport with their audiences, fun sense of humor, and just something I like about both of them. They both have written a lot of different types of songs too.

"Things were spinning round me and all my thoughts were cloudy
And I had begun to doubt all the things that were me
Been in so many places, you know I've run so many races
Looked into the empty faces of the people of the night, something is just not right"

"I broke down in December
I headed for the coast
I thought the wind and water would elevate my mind
I surfaced in the springtime feelin’ like a ghost
Missin’ more than ever the things I left behind
Now I’m standin’ on this riverbank and still cannot explain
It’s been a long hot summer, not a drop of rain"

Mindy Smith's latest CD cover was beautiful, she did the artwork herself

Well , i got my wish re Hollywood Town Hall  (see my earlier post on this page from May 2010 !)

Bruce Springsteen and Clarence on "Born to Run"! I believe though great album covers are not gonna be around much longer...we aren't selling CDs much and so great album art is a casualty....

Lots out there, but I think Miles Davis's Tutu takes the cake for me!

On vinyl

Santana 1


Santana 3


Best album cover of the year:

Bat For Lashes: The Haunted Man

O.K., doen't quite fit the Americana genre, so best Americana album cover of the year:

Dan Stuart: The Deliverance Of Marlowe Billings


Little Feat's Waiting For Columbus


Released 33 years ago today , with one of the all time classic covers - London Calling by The Clash.

"London Calling by The Clash."

Cool! My all-time favorite album AND album cover. :)



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