I know there are lots of musicians out there...post links to YOUR music here so that everyone can listen! (and so that I don't have to hunt for it)

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Hey there, what a lovely idea!

I am one of 32 finalists, out of 800 submissions, to the Kerrville New Folk Festival this year.  I submitted two songs, Nashville and Spinning 45's.  Both from my new album 'Shimmer', which received a Grade A- review from the Vancouver Province.  

Have a listen!

Lindsay May's soundcloud



Lindsay May's website

Cheers guys!

What a voice!


My digital album Roll Of The Dice now available on iTunes!


My One Song World OSW of On The Beach

New song I wrote, check out the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfHLSHp9Syw&feature=youtu.be

New album from my band The Colts called 'Weekend Millionaire' - blues, alt-country, folk etc... Free download of our 2010 EP on this site too...


Great list going here.  I just love how you are able to music that you are not really that familiar with as it gives you edge with what you want to do and how you want it done.  Being able to share your music and know more from others is just something that not a lot of people fancy but still something that they hold true off.  Actually been having a great time weeding and listening to them.


Rothko by The Wrong'uns

Genre Free Since 2010

http://youtu.be/UwF_cu4d5_g   Gerald Smith the quacker on Hee Haw is the guy blasting the Taylor Swift video

I love people that give independent music a chance!  If you have time I have a music project about a fictional western character here: 


that includes a few other bands as well if you want to check out a unreleased concept album by a fan of old western movies!



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