I know there are lots of musicians out there...post links to YOUR music here so that everyone can listen! (and so that I don't have to hunt for it)

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Go to www.mattpratersmusic.com to listen to my music for free. Also check out my music videos on YouTube "southern Outdoors" and "Gravel Road".
Howdy all, If anyone in the SF Bay area is looking for a band to play some gigs with please get in touch!

here's our demo:
El Cajon by jiffer8

http://youtu.be/O2md_1YAK40  Jimmy's gone for a soldier,  http://youtu.be/38M00RtH7M4  The wreck of the Steamship Coramba http://youtu.be/Gi7iuB8fN3o The Coal miners blues. http://youtu.be/Gi7iuB8fN3o Shipwrecked. 


The Cactus 5

I am an Australian singer and songwriter living in San Diego, California. I have strong opinions about the way the world should be, although i try to stay off my soapbox.I have been lucky to travel a lot in my life and go a lot further than i thought my beginnings would allow. I have been in love four times in my life in alphabetical order. Janine, Kimberly Laura and Michelle. (Well, five times really counting my sweet little girl Grace.)I had a few fallow years where i was not writing much and wasn't playing at all. But i have rectified that problem and met some good players and i am busy again making up songs and performing them wherever i can. I have a couple of projects in the works. Coffin ship: which is a collection of songs that draw from the seven seas. Six string box: Songs that i call my square pegs for round holes. Jubilee: songs largely writen during "Depression 2.0"  That's a lot of new songs aint it. So hopefully you'll get to hear them soon if you have an interest in what i am doing.When i grow up i want to go to the moon and mine Helium 3.  www.myspace.com/thecactus5

I play pedal steel & banjo with Emma Hill and Her Gentlemen Callers:





And I play in a duo here in Portland called Small Souls:



Hope you enjoy!


you can hear selections from The Chicken Tractor Deluxe first album, Tin Can Holler. here:




and here;       http://www.myspace.com/thechickentractordeluxe


nextone comes out sept3 '11 

Hearts of Oak     The name i put on my slow country burners i record to keep myself sane.  Thanks~

Hey all


Check out my band, Barlow Road, at www.reverbnation.com/barlowroad.  Our new EP, "Cinco", will be on there soon. 





Hey there! listen to The Lost Harvest on our myspace:

or visit our youtube channel




The Silver Threads from Rochester, NY!!


This is Home (studio):

You Can Count on Me (live):





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