I know there are lots of musicians out there...post links to YOUR music here so that everyone can listen! (and so that I don't have to hunt for it)

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Enjoyed you guys last year at the Great Blue Heron keep up the good times.
Thank you,

It was a real highlight of my musical career so far, to be playing at a festival where I have had such good times and herd so much good music.


just a simple demo I recorded a few years ago under my moniker of Hugh Walter Jennings... hope someone enjoys it


Grandma Told Me



 You can download my new EP free at.....



Thanks guys, here you go...

My band, "The WellDiggers", from New York.  Thanks for creating a place to post band/artist websites, Midwestern Lull.

Hope to hear from some of you out there in, No Depression land.  Here's our link...  

The WellDiggers



My name is mso of Weezerium, I am fighting to get the old weezer taste back to musci scene but I never ever get into the market at all lol, well anyway if you are interested you are more than welcome :)




Have a great day!!

Hey, people.  My new record "I Have Not Seen the Wind" released 3/15.  Produced by Kenny Hutson, who has been a player for the likes of Thad Cockrell, Bill Mallonee, Over the Rhine, Julie Lee, etc...


A  song from the record  "Make Her Smile" is a finalist in the 2010 International Songwriting Competition, American category.


You can stream the whole record at http://www.arthuralligood.com


I guess that is it.  Enjoy!



If you visit my page on this site, I have an Alt Country artists I am working the publicity puzzle for.
The problem I face, moving forward, is that his music is not quite Americana, yet not quite Country.

He's a tweener caugh in this "limbo vortex" of stereotypes.  It's honest, if nothing else.

Getting people to even check out his music has been challenging/frustrating.  Finding Luke's music/sound, for me,

gives me the same feeling I had when I saw Son Volt on their first tour, with another 30 people.  It's special yet sad

that so many people missed the boat.  I feel lucky to work this record and happy that I stumbled upon it.

Feel free to visit my page, add me as a friend, check out the songs or what have you.

Also at :





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