If I don't get a CD to review, I will buy whatever I listen to, sometimes used on Amazon. I read that even though you can legally download songs on Amazon and Itunes, 95% of folk download for free.

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I buy vinyl, cds and mp3s.  I have files that have been "shared" but very little in comparison to what I have bought.  Most bands make 1, 2 or 3 songs from an album available for free download these days, so I find myself doing a lot more of this legal downloading for free as a means of browsing, along with Spotify (free version) and YouTube.

If I like something, one way or another I wind up buying it, but I suspect I am kind of the exception to the rule in this regard.

You know, you tube is a great idea, I think the sound quality is better too than mp3s

All right, let me see.. I have over 1000 CDs.i have been collecting since CDs came out in the mid 90's, but only 3 years ago I've learned how to download.Now here's the thing, if I download an album, it's always most of the time strictly for my cellphone headset, whatever.BUT if I really love an album, it's a must to have in cd format, to go in the stereo..digital to me.. Detracts from a hard cd..kinda like the ballsiness of vinyl back in the day..downloads are a step down in quality:(

That 95% figure comes from an outdated survey done four years ago. Since that time digital sales have increased substantially, subscription and free streaming services like Spotify have been introduced, and search engines such as Google and Yahoo have taken down hundreds of thousands of pages. Eyes are on Japan which back in October enacted a law giving high fines and jail time to illegal dowloaders/filesharers. Interestingly, in one month the sales of legal music dipped. Too soon to tell what the law will do. 

No doubt that illegal music is still readily available and being accessed, but most statistical information comes from music industry trade groups and/or rights holders. 

I buy most of my ,usic from emusic or artists page. I utilize online music streaming to find new artists and keep up to date with the venue sthey play across the usa. !any tomes I have foundnew artists because of venue websites.

If at all possible, i'll buy it. Mostly on CD these days. If it's an album thats long deleted and the CD's about 40 quid or something i'll download it, paid for.

Once, only once, has there been an album i couldn't buy legally on CD or  legal download and i had to get it free : Doug Sahm  ; Texas Rock For Country Rollers.

Easy Ed,

  This article is from last month, check it out, I'm glad that so many people here do it the right way, you know in the long run, pirating is just going to hurt you and your computer





This is not an article Jim, it's a "fact sheet" from the RIAA. And it quotes figures from the 2009 report as I said earlier which states that 37% of music is acquired illegally. The problem with the RIAA and other trade organizations are that the statistics are old, manipulated and confusing. Piracy is a problem, but it's not at the 95% level you stated. 

And to answer the original question, I download usually from Amazon because of their competitive pricing, especially on new releases which can often be found as low as $2.99 an album. When they discount, they eat the loss and still pay artists/labels the full rate. By far though, most music listening be me is done on Spotify. 


  Are you honestly happy listening to mp3s?



   95% is just something I heard someone say during an interview. The 2nd website above gives you stats up thru 2012. You have to look around the site. When you say 2.99 album, do you mean CD or mp3, you can get a few new CDs for 2.99,usually not very good CDs. Artists never made alot from CD sales anyway, I was surprised at what a big label artist would make per CD. Smaller label artists do much better, what I am telling you this for, have a great day


This is a really funny song,Thanks kyra




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