Dates That Matter- What music do you enjoy for special occasions and events?

I am certain that I am not alone in this ritual and I would like to read what others listen to on  dates/events that are significant to you......

In order to get the ball rolling and with November 11 just 10 days away, I will share the music that I consider MUST play material for Remembrance Day Ceremonies  

Note: this same music is played annually by me on and around April 25th for our good friends and Allies down under... The Glorious ANZAC Troops 

John McDermott's CD entitled  "If Ye Break Faith"  which includes musical selections from the American Civil War up to and Including a selection for the Viet Nam War. If you have no other music than this in your library for the above dates you are in good stead with this one.... it's brilliant! 

For an Anthology of songs focusing on British WW 2 music and original radio broadcasts from the declaration of war made by PM Neville Chamberlain in 1939 to the Victory speech made by PM Winston Churchill in 1945 , I play  " V-E Day 50th Anniversary Musical Memories"

This CD gives you a real feel, via pop music of the era, for just how plucky the people of the United Kingdom/England really were. It's a great collection for any listener and the quality of the recordings is exceptionally good. 

aside from these two full cd's I have other songs that get much more play during this time of year than they would otherwise get, I list some but not all and in no particular order of preference:

Fred Eaglesmith: "The Rocket"

NQ Arbuckle: "Part of a Poem By Alden Nowland Called Ypres 1915"

James McMurtry: "Ruby and Carlos"

Justin Townes Earle: "Lone Pine Hill"

Buddy Miller: "100 Million Little Bombs"

Corb Lund: "Horse Soldier! Horse Soldier!" , check out the entire CD ! 

I could go on with more but I think this a good launch and I look forward to reading other members suggestions for Dates That Matter

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A great version of a famous song !

indeed it is a marvelous rendition!   thank you for sharing it

"did the band sound The Last Post in chorus, did they pipe The Flowers Of The Forest?"

Did they really believe that this war could end wars.......

Lest we forget! 



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