I want something twangy but fast. Uncle Tupelo and Slobberbone, The Gourds and Two Cow Garage type stuff, but fast, fast , fast. Like a Hoedown on meth.
Anything like that?

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Is that your balls in the pic? If so gross!
Check out Slim Cessna and the Blue Chieftains. Both have some Sh*t kicking good stuff.
Lucero, Jason & the Scorchers, Sodajerk
Check out The Tower of Dudes! http://tod.cz - you can stream the whole album on their site.

Cow-punk from Prague! banjo, accordion, drums, guitar, bass, fast-paced beer themed songs with a mix of influences!
Three words: DASH-RIP-ROCK!
Here is an example of Dash...

I don't know anything about Cowpunk....

Not fast but... good.


Pity you can't get their CD anywhere though.

...and not real twangy... but if you're not into them already... Social Distortion.

Suburban Home Records did a (re?)release last year: http://www.shopradiocast.com/brands/Suburban-Home.html

It's a damn shame the label has closed up shop for now.  Hopefully it's only temporary. 

Just got the vinyl from their ebay shop last week.

Check out the Tramplers out of Yuma, AZ. 

Beat Farmers or Killbilly

Rubber Rodeo, old school, art school CowPunk.



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