okay...I know the topic sounds a little lame. But, I was thinking how everybody from every culture has what they term 'comfort food.' The generally accepted one in the U.S. is chicken soup.  But, what about music?  Don't we devour our music like it's food?  So, just thought it might be interesting to ask what three albums or songs do you go to for comfort on these cold winter nights? Whose music makes you warm and makes the stress of life a little easier? 

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Patty Griffin always does it for me, or Billy Joel. Doesn't matter what song or album.

A very interesting topic Terry, one that I have been struggling with since the tragedy in Newtown. Yes, I have quite a few go-to albums I use to help soothe my soul, but not one of them could help me make it through the past few days or weekend. When I posted something about it here, I ended up choosing a song I found from Pete Seeger. One I'd never heard before but seemed to fit the mood, or at least my own. But in reality, I wanted to hear nothing. Simply silence.

Yesterday, as the first two children were laid to rest, I came back to music and didn't settle on just one song or artist or album. I listened to lots and lots of different things. There is one song that played in my head for some reason, which has absolutely nothing to do with the Newtown thing. It is the Kinks' "Thank You", which reverberated in a mind loop. Can't explain why. 

This morning someone over at Facebook through up a video of Cohen's "Hallelujah" and I thought, "yeah, that one" and I wandered over to You Tube looking to hear a version, maybe one I never heard before. And I stumbled on this one put up by two young women named Maggie and Hope, whom I don't know but for some reason their voices just made me cry but more important, soothed me.

I realized that it's not the quality or the quantity of music that I needed to hear; it was the human torch that passes the emotion from one person to another. So this one worked for me, and I'll share it here because you won't find it on Spotify, hear it on the radio, see it on TV or be able to buy it at your local store. It's not a product, it's a blessing.

You're right, Ed. I love this...these two girls catch the soul of the song. And its nice to hear ones so young singing Cohen!

Terry...this is so strange. The two girls here have about 20 or so videos of themselves up on You Tube and they usually get anywhere from 200-600 views. Turns out that they put up a cover version of the "Gangham Style" sensation and have received over 145,000 views. I'd guess most of the artists we talk about on this site with the exception of a few don't even come close to that number of people. A separate topic for sure, but I thought I'd share.

Ok...some of my go-to albums:

-Dead/American Beauty

-Jules Shears/Between Us

-Joni Mitchell/Blue

-John Prine/anything....

-Leonard Cohen/Live in London

-Youngbloods/Elephant Mountain

-Neil Young/Harvest Moon

-Various Artists/Murray The K's Holiday Revue

-Fairport Convention/Lief and Liege

O, and you said three....I thought you wanted thirty. Never mind.

Ed, Yeah..the put-a-cap on the list rule was made to be broken!  I love 'anything' by John Prine!  If I did narrow that one down personally I'd probably pick Missing Years.  With Harvest Moon, Blue, Cohen-Live in London, you've got my extended list!  I'll check out Youngbloods and Muray the K! 

I once read  review of The Missing Years on Amazon that said " the songwriting doesn't stand out " , i had to put the poor , deluded fool straight !!! Still annoys me, as you can tell !

Amazon UK....could never happen here in the USA.

Steve, I went and wrote my own review, which pushed the other guys review off the front page.  I could see the reviewer's point if it had been one of John's uneven albums...like say, Pink Cadillac.  Been a Prine fan since 1972. Long may he run!

Thanks to the two of you, it now has four and a half stars.

Bless your heart for including Jules Shear, Easy Ed. I have an album from the early '90s - The Third Party -that I dearly love (although I have several of his albums).

It's a very nicely done demo-type release; one voice, one guitar. Great songs throughout - Big Kid Face will make a person feel good in about any situation.

Defintely Jules Shear, his duets album Between Us is the aural equivalent of a bowl of homemade chicken soup.



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