Wondering what other people are listening to. My favorite by far is WXPN from Philadelphia. I first discovered them through the "World Cafe" program streamed by NPR. It's a great source of new music. It's rare for me to turn on WXPN and not enjoy what they're playing. Another favorite is "The Current" from Minnesota Public Radio. They throw in a little more hip-hop than I care for, but even most of that is pretty good.

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The Dead Hour on Deadnet and Freakzone on BBC 6 Music.

I really enjoy Sunday mornings 9-12 on the bridge @ 105.5 "the Critic's Choice"  real good americana,indie and classic country,jazz,and rock. Great with coffee and reading material. I also enjoy Daytrotter.com. Cheers!!!


I have to shamelessly promote my own radio show on WESU at 88.1 FM in Middletown CT [www.wesu.fm.org]. Tuesday evenings at 8pm, "Acoustic Blender" can be heard, playing a wide variety of acoustic type music.  I can't say the rest of the station's format is folk oriented, but I do my part. Last night the focus was on Bill Monroe and the musicians he influenced in honor of his 100th birthday.  Next week, who knows?

I am also a fan of WWUH in West Hartford CT which runs a 3 hour folk block from 6am - 9am M-F and a great bluegrass show Saturday mornings.

Having already promoted my show "Rootstock &Vine:  An Exploration of the Roots of American Music" on KSVY 91.3 FM Sonoma, CA (stream at    http://sunfmtv.com/  ) Info at: http://www.michaellcastle.com/radioshows.htm   I would be remiss not to also mention another great show, which is Doug "Duke" Lang's "Better Days" show on CFRO 102.7FM out of Vancouver, B.C. Canada ( www.coopradio.org ) Doug is also a great singer-songwriter who should be much better known. Check him out on YOUTUBE! This is a show, and a songwriter that all "NO DEPRESSION" folks should know!! Also check out his video montages on YOUTUBE under the moniker: "paganmaestro". 

Ever since I bought a nice little app called TuneIn Radio I have been trawling around finding wonderful sounds all over the world. Sometimes it is internet-only radio, other times the internet stream from a terrestrial station. Here are three of my favourites. 

1) WWOZ New Orleans 90.7 FM Blues, jazz, Cajun, gospel - in other words a gumbo of NOLA. This is also the station featured on Treme.

2) Wrecking Ball Radio Run by a guy called Jayson in Chapel Hill, NC. Cosmic Americana, contemporary Folk and Alt Country (basically what No Depression would be if it were a radio station).

3) Folk Radio UK  Mainly what it says on the packet, although it goes a bit further out to alternative music and folk from elsewhere.

Shameless self-promotion - I have a fairly eclectic online radio station of my own that I am fond of.  It is located here.

WUMB is worth listening to.

SiriusXM  and the BBCiPlayer  have so many great radio shows!

Check some of these out - David Johansen's Mansion Of Fun, Lou Reed's New York Shuffle, Little Steven's Underground Garage, Outlaw Country - Steve Earle Show: Hardcore Troubadour Radio, American Roots Radio with Bernie Taupin. All you need is an E-mail address to get a free 7 day trial - http://www.siriusxm.com/freetrial

BBCiPlayer - Bob Harris, Cerys  Matthews on 6 music, Paul Jones - Blues Show, Jarvis Cocker, Guy Garvey, Mark Radcliffe - Folk .

My favorite (not neccessarily for ND fans) is KDHX 88.1 in St Louis http://www.kdhx.org .

Blues? Check out two shows:
1. Dangerous Curves with Sherri Danger

2. Gabriel's Tin Pan Alley with Gabriel.

been listening to Gabriel for over 40 years. "we're gonna play the three Bs - and I dont mean Bach Bethoven and Brahms; I mean boogie barrelhouse and BLUES." and he knows the music - record producer and singer, record labels, record store owner of the House of the Blues, DJ on the commercial all night show. He knows music inside and out.


these in nyc area





these are streaming concert recording sites


wolfgangs vault

Too much good music, not enough time!


I also agree with WNCW which comes from a community college station in Western NC.  One minute it's Pearl Bailey, next minute Del McCoury, then the Stones.  They also have a lot of in-station interviews with artists coming through Asheville area.  For mostly non-electric roots music, try WUNC out of Chapel Hill, NC.  Shows are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings with up to date playlist.  Same two hosts for decades. 



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