I just released my debut album. It's very heavily influenced by American music and yet I'm from the U.K. and live in Spain. Any other international artists you know or like?

You can check out my stuff at www.davidphilips.net


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Jason Walker - Ashes & Wine .
A superb Neil Young/Son Volt/Gram Parsons influenced album from an Australian fella , well worth getting hold off.
Nice choice, just found him on CD Baby, sounds great.
I spent a fair amount of time in Australia the last 3 years and got to hear quite a few ANZ acts.

The Renderers from NZ are real slow burn alt-country-punk been going quite a long time with records on a variety of US indie labels. Also billed as Mary Rose Creek and the Renderers and the Renderisers.

Downhills Home from Melbourne are a country rock band I saw perform several times. Two albums out.

Kasey Chambers
of course

The Audreys country rock from Adelaide - won some awards

Lots of great indie bands in the local club scene too.


Get Well Soon
from Germany play in the alt-c vein but with a wide array of performers and instruments

Some good bands from Scandinavia too but probably more folk-oriented than country

We call Downhills Home either The Downies or The Homos, depending on who's around. Both terribly incorrect, but it makes us snigger like little school boys.

I actually play in a band with Bern from The Downies; the man is a genius/mad scientist on the keys. He recorded through his Leslie amp for the album, and it was without doubt the loudest musical sound I've ever heard.

Thanks guys. Lot's of stuff to check out.
How about this (bit of shameless self promotion here)

An English musician, playing an English 80's pop song but in an Americana, Country/finger picking style , live in a bar called Milano, in Barcelona, Spain!!???

Mumford and Sons
Yeh, from London. Those guys are doing really well now. :)
From the UK


I live in Spain too and with my brother we put together a duo/band called Calderone. We just uploaded new songs to our myspace: http://www.myspace.com/calderoneband

There are the five new songs first and some from last year after. Can't get any better than American music, that's why we have so much fun doing this!

Thanks and see you around!

PS- By the way David, I see you live in Barcelona. We are from Barcelona, too! Let's hook up and put a show together or something :)
Que tal?
Nice to hear from you, I'm checking out your music now, sounds great. I'd love to hook up in Barcelona. Let's get in touch and meet for a jam, a beer, a chat or whatever! Please write to me at davidphilipsmail@yahoo.com so we can exchange phone numbers.

Looking forward to it.
Dave :)
Hi David. I will be checking out your stuff.

I know of another ND'er , Niels Cremer from Germany that put out an excellent CD last year. I lived in Germany for 3 years and was impressed with his Americana/Country sensibilities. Well worth checking out.
Thanks Daniel,
I'll see if I can find his CD somewhere.
How was the scene in Germany? I'd like to go there with my CD to promote it. Is there much of a scene?
D :)



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