Any clever band would use every inch of the podcast and alt-country radio show discussions, but what would really be handy is a list of good bars that host alt-country bands written by the people who know.

So speak up! When bands come to your town where should they play? What bars should they avoid and why.

My area : North Texas


The Double Wide
The Granada
House of Blues

Fort Worth

Lola's Sixth Street
Lola's Stockyards (there's two Lola's)
Longhorn Saloon
Fred's (smaller outdoor venue)
The Moon Bar


Dan's Silverleaf
Rubber Gloves (RGRS)

and you?

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In the Grand Rapids, Michigan area try:

Founder's Brewing Company (good brew too)

And not too far away in Conklin, Michigan try:

Fenian's Pub (lots of traditional Irish music too, and lotsa Guinness!)
Arlington Virginia


Jammin Java
West Los Angeles:

The Cinema Bar
any suggestions for london, england?
New York City:

The Rodeo Bar
The National Underground
The Living Room
Joe's Pub
Rockwood Music Hall
Hanks (Brooklyn)

San Francisco:
The Make Out Room
Red Devil Lounge
Thee Park Side
Cafe du Nord
In the Boston area, the clubs offer a diverse mix of music, but these are the places that host alt-country/roots rock/americana:

Paradise Rock Club (big rock shows)
Church of Boston

Middle East (med rock shows)
Johnny D's
Lizard Lounge
Harper's Ferry
Sally O'Brien's
I've lived in Portland, OR, NYC and Rochester, NY.


Abilene. Great spot. Genuine roots bar. You won't make a dime, but you'll have fun.

The Bug Jar. All kindsa music there. I split the bill with Joe Pug and Horse Feathers not too long ago there.


A lot of good ones have been mentioned, but for me the king of all is Banjo Jims...


The White Eagle
Duff's Garage
Re: Boston, couple posts above: I'm surprised Jeff left out Precinct Bar in Cambridge/Somerville, home of the 3rd annual Gram National for two nights on Parsons' birthday, Friday, Nov. 5 and Saturday too, one of the great venues in town.

As for Harper's Ferry, you better be Big (on weekends anyway). Sally O'Brien's is probably the friendliest to Americana, but on the small side. Johnny D's almost demands a guarantee that you'll fill his room with 300 souls or he won't book you.
The Taphouse in Norfolk, VA. as well as The Taphouse in Hampton, VA....that's it for Tidewater , VA.

Other than those 2 venues, Hampton Roads is a place for punk bands, shitty rock bands and cover occasional country "cover" band, but no REAL venues that's DEDICATED to Americana / Roots type music.

That's why it's important for us to play at any and every venue that we can...and it's hilarious b/c these venues and their management don't know how to advertise / classify us. Eh, to them, we guess it really dosen't matter HOW or WHAT "style" we are, just as long as we contine to bring in a crowd.

We'll also throw in The Cactus and The County Grill, both inYorktown, VA. Although these two venues like cover bands, they respect our type of music / crowd/ fanbase and treat us nicely and pay well.
In Toronto, I've spent much time and money at The Cadilac Lounge.
The Dakota is real good too and I've seen some great live shows at the Legendary Horseshoe Tavern.

The Precinct
Sally O'Brien's
Lizard Lounge
Atwood's Tavern
Thank you, Dino, I'd say this is a good list for this topic re: Boston area (having just dealt with these clubs trying to book Gram National 2010. Could I add Hugh's Room for Toronto above, where they host everyone up to Ian Tyson and will be the venue to see the theatrical Gram Parsons: The Legend of Grievous Angel (



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