Any clever band would use every inch of the podcast and alt-country radio show discussions, but what would really be handy is a list of good bars that host alt-country bands written by the people who know.

So speak up! When bands come to your town where should they play? What bars should they avoid and why.

My area : North Texas


The Double Wide
The Granada
House of Blues

Fort Worth

Lola's Sixth Street
Lola's Stockyards (there's two Lola's)
Longhorn Saloon
Fred's (smaller outdoor venue)
The Moon Bar


Dan's Silverleaf
Rubber Gloves (RGRS)

and you?

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Good idea! I can't believe this hasn't come up yet. Anyway, I'll throw out a few bones for Seattle:

Tractor Tavern
Sunset Tavern
Conor Byrne Pub
Skylark Cafe

I'll also suggest the Green Frog in Bellingham, Wash.
Hi Kim, this has come up before. It sounds like something I proposed a while back. The idea was effectively shot down due to the possible legal ramifications. The implication being that the support of one or more bars as 'good' venues creates what would be, in essence, an unofficial blacklist of unsuitable bars etc. This doesn't make it a bad idea though, does it?
King Tuts, Classic Grand and Stereo for Glasgow by the way.

Although the Tractor Tavern is probably my favorite venue in Seattle as I've seen many of the artists discussed on this website there and it's just a couple of blocks from my apartment but I would add The Triple Door downtown where I recently saw Greg Brown and Garland Jeffreys and have a ticket for Mary Gauthier opening for Chris Hillman on 11/24. It's more of a dinner music club than the funky Tractor and more expensive but they are booking a lot more Americana type artists now. Conor Bryne is cool too but usually book locals instead of national acts like the Tractor and Triple Door.

i sure can't argue with your list, sir. Those would have been my picks for DFW/d. Good topic.
For Atlanta -

The Earl
Eddie's Attic (acoustic only, awesome venue, great sweet potato fries)
Variety Playhouse (holds 1,200)
Smith's Olde Bar (not my favorite venue)
Star Bar (If ya got some punk in ya)

B list -
Drunken Unicorn - it's underground, not bad for a small turnout, but kinda scary nonetheless
The Masquerade - Three choices of stages, but you feel like you might fall through the floor.
Centerstage/Vinyl/The Loft

Basically stick to anywhere in Little 5 Points, East Atlanta Village, or Midtown. Things start getting scary when you get out in the suburbs.

The 40 Watt is the place to play in Athens since the Georgia Theatre burned down a couple months ago. I've been out of the city too long to suggest anywhere else there.

Beartree Cafe, Centennial
Alibi Pub, Laramie
Big Horn Mtn Stage, Ten Sleep
In St. Louis, there's really only one place to play if you're a part of the thing.

Hands down, Off Broadway.

Good sound, decent stage, great room, friendly staff, and the owner treats bands well.

San Francisco

For civilized, the Great American Music Hall and Cafe du Nord

For rowdy you can't bet the Red Devil Lounge

Joe's on Weed Street
The Hideout
The Double Door
let me add a few

the California Clipper
Honky Tonk BBQ
The Smoke Daddy
Uncommon Ground

Can't forget Fitzgerald's - miss you in Chicago, Sarah!

In Pittsburgh the best places are:

Club Cafe
The Rex
Mr. Small's
The Thunderbird



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