Honestly, I have stayed away from him, they have overplayed that song "Chicken Fried" so much. Before he was signed by a major label, his 1.5 million selling CD "The Foundation" was already made and was selling fairly well. A lot of money was sunk into that CD, but, is he for real, anybody like him. I kinda wanta like him, but something keeps me away, There is just something about him, that I can't explain.

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I heard so much hype about him from terrestial and satellite radio so I was waiting to hear what he sounded like; I thought he'd be different or at least not sounding like top 40 country... In my personal opinion, I am not really impressed with him at all. Sure he might have good musicians in his band, but to me he sounds just like all the rest of those pop singers. Also he has this one song where he says we ain't got no money about 50 times too many. Just my opinion though, I'm sure he is very talented and deserved most of the acclaim he receives, just too poppy and mainstream commerical for my blood.
To tell you the truth, I've never heard of him before this instant.
If his fame comes from radio then that's the reason I've don't know him. I quit listening to radio a long time ago. I did Pandora as it was just coming online since the company is a couple blocks from me and the buzz in SF about it was compelling but the allure quickly faded.
I can give a hearty "meh."

I had never heard the name until I saw he was headlining at Nokia here in LA in the past year. Nokia is a theatre of a couple thousand seats that is part of the corporate monstrosity that the Lakers play in. I was surprised I had not at least heard the name if there was a "country" act pulling a couple thousand in my own home town. I have my ear to the rails pretty good for new music without any venturing to the airwaves, so I manage to miss anything close to the pop charts. The fact MB snuck past me says it all for me. I listened to a snipet on amazon when I saw this discussion post... I had no need to finish the audio sample.

Might there be something likeable in there to me? Maybe-- but I am quite sure there will be plenty that is repugnant to me-- whatever it is that attracts all those sheep. (Okay I guess I am a bit ornery this morning, but I insist that I am not a snob if it is actually crap. And there is plenty of crap out there.)
They sound a bit pedestrian here
Ok, I recall this song now. It's on commercial radio all the time. Well I stand by my word even more: I don't care for him, he's a pop musician, certainly not what I consider a country musician. Also, I thought he grew up in Georgia? Why is he always wearing a wool cap? Haha sorry, I had to do it.
yeah just lacks soul to me way better artist out there i've heard his music seen him live at a festival i went to did'nt stay for the whole set because a whole bunch of drunk top 40 country fans are annoying
My wife likes mainstream country, so I get to hear some of it on the radio every once in a while. I would say this song is fairly innocuous and better than average for mainstream country radio. It doesn't piss me off with overbearing jingoism or make my eyes roll to the back of my head like others do because they're just so artificially wholesome. That's about all I can say, though. Buddy Miller or Jim Lauderdale it ain't.
That's a good summation.
imagine jason mraz fronting lynryd skynyrd covering jimmy buffett
I like that, though I'm not really familiar with Jason Mraz.
Try this one, Charlie Daniels (though I don't want to include his mentor ), plus buffet, (btw) the speed of your guitar licks doe no make up for emotion and melody) (What would Jimmy Buffet do?) (Hide) He was on his 3rd CD when Mercury picked him up. Playing covers on CDs which he seems to like to do , can expensive BMI (performing rites)



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