My taste differs from many people because I have an Uncle who gave me 3 Frank Zappa records when I was 11 that I immediately fell in love with--TOP 5 MOST OVERRATED:

1. U2
2. Radiohead
3. Kenny Chesney
4. Mariah Carrey
5. Green Day

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I no particular order.....

Celine Dion
Mariah Carey
John Mayer
Green Day
Jonas Borothers
Britney Spears

OOps...soory that's 6....I could pick lots more too !
Actually, I say good call on John Mayer. That voice is freaking annoying. I've never understood it.

Agreed- his live blues is killer.  What makes the top 40 radio stations is music for the masses.

Garth Brooks

Celine Dion

Kelly Clarkson


Kenny Chesney
The Grateful Dead
The Doors
Conor Oberst
Sufjan Stevens
Kanye West
The Doors are dreadful!!!!!!!!
I walked out on their show in Toronto ... late 60s ... Waiting for the Sun tour ... the only competent person on stage was Ray Manzarek ... but he couldn't be expected to hold it all together ... Morrison mumbled ... Densmore couldn't keep time and Krieger didn't play at all (okay ... he played his solo in "Light My Fire" but that was about it) ... we walked out during the firing squad scene in "Unknown Soldier" ... I didn't go to another concert until 1974 (for Bob and The Band ... a brilliant show) and blame the Doors for missing seeing Jimi Hendrix a couple of weeks after their debacle (in the same venue).
That's a BS excuse. The Doors may have put on a bad show, but it's on you that you missed Hendrix.
Seen a few bad concerts and it only puts me in a hurry to see another good one.
The Doors are horrid

They were, not are.

now into the future...they never were or are....horrid.

I only found out later that Hendrix played there a few weeks after the Doors ... so I didn't miss him on purpose. Maybe I just got busy at art college? Can't remember.



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