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So who are the modern-day "Eagles"?

So who is the band that no self-respecting fan of modern Americana music gives any respect to, even though they sell tons of records and are the darlings of the 'establishment'? I'm voting for Mumford and Sons. Blecchhhhh.  Oh yeah... and why?

What do you do with review discs you don't want?

I feel like I'm playing a losing game of tag. I'm not famous, I'm no big fish but do I get a fair number of discs to review. They are usually labeled "For Promotional Use Only" and the bedside leaning Tower of CDs is about to tumble. Is there an ethical/legal way to purge these discs? No, I don't want to sell them. Can I donate them to the public library?   They'll take anything but then they'll sell it at their booksale. The ones I liked I loaded into iTUNES. Does that change the equation? Some I did not. (Christian Bluegrass just doesn't do it for me...

Autumn playlist

Hi everyone. I'm trying to make an Americana autumn playlist. Can you suggest tracks which are about autumn, harvest, September, etc.? Looking forward to anyone's suggestions. Many thanks, Paul

How Can We Make This Site Better?

Now that we've moved off the Ning platform, we'd like to hear from you about how we can make this next phase of ND even better. What do you think of the new organization? Does it make things better or easier? How could we improve your experience as a reader and/or contributor? (This is not a forum for technical complaints. Please send those to help@nodepression.com.)